Small assignment

Instructions For this assignment, you will investigate a amusing media accessible relations (PR) attack by an organization. Some examples of platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube. The organizations can be civic or bounded to your area. In this assignment, you will charge to accommodate the afterward components: Provide advice about the amusing media platform. Provide advice about the alignment and its campaign. Discuss the attack based on the advice discussed in the Unit V Lesson. (Is it effective? What, if anything, can the alignment do to advance PR through amusing media?)  You will charge to advertence at atomic two bookish sources. Web pages provided by a aggregation or alignment (e.g., an “About Us” page) will be accustomed for this appointment as a valid, bookish source.  Use the accepted five-paragraph architecture (introduction/body/conclusion). APA architecture should be used. The appointment should be a minimum of three pages in length. Content, organization, and grammar/mechanics will be evaluated.

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