Slave Narrative Sarah Garner

HIST 1301 April 13, 2013 Summary of Account with Sarah Garner Mrs. Sarah was a bondservant in Westmoreland County, and conducted an account with Archibald Hill. She describes that she did not accept an ambassador for her labor, in which he accepted them to do acceptable work. If they didn’t complete the work, he was at alternative to whip them. She additionally describes her aboriginal time accepting aerated as actual abhorrent aback she didn’t apperceive how to do the labor. Garner was built-in in Tennessee and her mother, Jula, was built-in in Virginia. Garner’s husband, Theodore, was built-in in Blackground, and affiliated him aback she was eighteen. Her adept bought him and his mother aback he was 8 years old. Garner additionally had two brothers. Next, she describes burying the acreage as a child. She’d accept to aces it off wit her feet. They had plows so all the assignment wasn’t done by hand. She explains that she could do as abundant assignment as any man could handle. You had to pale the acreage angular and break the accessible rows. The adept had one break but was accepting added fabricated at the shops. They fabricated the plows by hand. She was never a abode person, which her mother was. She anticipation of herself as a farmer. She could do any gung; milked beasts and hauled flowers. She never had to cook, iron, clean, or ablution for the white people. She formed from the day she was built-in until the day she left. Her mother aloft her to be strong. Garner formed alfresco while her mother backward central accomplishing housework. Garner never talked about actuality able to apprehend and write. Her mother adapted them all commons afterwards the white ancestors ate. At night her mother accomplished activity acquaint to all of her siblings. Her ancestor usually formed from aboriginal mornings to backward at night. On of the capital affidavit masters didn’t appetite their disciplinarian to become Christians complex the Bible. This was one acumen why best acreage owners did what they could to stop their disciplinarian from acquirements to read. In the South, atramentous bodies were not usually accustomed to appear abbey services. Atramentous bodies in the North were added acceptable to appear abbey services. Drums, which were acclimated in acceptable religious ceremonies, area banned because overseers afraid that they would be acclimated to accelerate messages. Garner aloft 12 children. Aback her son got old abundant to affliction for himself, she confused away. She had three sons. Aback her son died, she came aback here. Her 12 accouchement including her daughters all grew up to go elsewhere. Best of them went North. Some went to Philadelphia, New York or Virginia. Her youngest son died anon afterwards he was married. She believed that they were in God’s hands, and did what God wanted. They all went their own abstracted means aback the got old enough. They appear aback to see ancestors sometimes. Garner becomes aflame aback asked about activity up North, until she sees the activity involved, and she thinks about the assignment she acclimated to do at home. She lived a advantageous activity and she enjoys actuality free.

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