Six Types of Power

   2-1 Discussion: Six Types of Ability      As a aboriginal footfall against crafting your altercation post, analysis the abbreviate video, Six Bases of Ability for Leaders, from this module's assigned resources.   Now, administer the six types of ability articular in the video to the Netflix case study, which you apprehend about aftermost week. 1. Official (positional) power 2. Transactional (reward) power 3. Coercive power 4. Ability (information) power 5. Charismatic 6. Principle-centered (social) Consider the types of ability that Sharon Slade, the arch animal assets administrator (CHRO) at Netflix, has in this situation. In your antecedent post, aboriginal call the six types of ability Sharon possesses. Then, accommodate examples that appearance how Sharon may display this blazon of ability during the negotiations. Finally, accommodate a acumen why this blazon of ability is important in this setting. Use the archetype beneath as a guide. Example—Official (positional) power: This is the ability that comes from the title/position. For example, Sharon has ascendancy in animal ability matters, as authentic by the ambit of her role as the CHRO. She can draw on her ability of the company's behavior and the law during the negotiations to drive a fair bargain.

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