Situational Analysis

  Strategy Phase: Situational Analysis In this assignment you will complete the Situational Analysis. Use the adviser in the Important Documents to advance your document. The Situational Assay Should include: Competitive Analysis  Company Analysis  Product Analysis Customer Analysis  Market Analysis Complete a absolute assay for the aggregation you accept called for your final project. . To complete this assignment auspiciously aboriginal assignment through all acquirements ability activities: Watch the Introduction and Section 1 - Understanding Marketing's Role from the advance Marketing Foundations with Drew Boyd in LinkedIn Learning (~7 videos: see below) Read added about action in Chapter 2 of How to Write a Marketing Plan, Revised Third Edition (for added clarification) Read Chapters 3&4 in Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning: Understanding Marketing Plans and Strategy Complete the afterward for your assignment: Competitive Analysis  Who will be your antagonism and how will you accord with the competition? Company Analysis Describe your aggregation and accommodate your SWOT analysis.    Product Analysis Describe your product. How will the aggregation account from this product? Customer Analysis  Part 1: Research the chump analysis. Use these accomplish (see Chump Assay archetype below): Decide what is a customer. List and accumulate abstracts about the affairs factors (why are bodies affairs this artefact or service?) Rate buyer's acumen of artefact or service. Market Analysis  Identify chump types for your product. You are now accessible to add all your advice calm and upload below. This will include: Competitive Analysis  Company Analysis  Product Analysis Customer Analysis  Market Analysis Add any graphs or diagrams you acclimated in advancing to your conclusions. Upload below. Additional Resources: Hospitality Industry Read Hotel & Travel Industry Assay and Trends Read Hotel Competitive Set Analysis Marketing Action and Competitive Assay in Resources Healthcare Industry Read Healthcare Industry Assay 2014 Any Business Industry Evaluate the Value Proposition of your Competition

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