Situation Analysis/Target Market Identification Report for Ford Falcon Ute

1. 0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix 1. 1 Accepted Product Ford Falcon Utes (FFU) are clear account cartage that are accessible in several ablaze colors. The bluff of the cartage is glassy and adventurous with blatant rims which promises ability and the aback of the FFU is like a truck. The FFU is altered and will acquiesce use for both appointment and play. The car would address to developed audiences who acquisition use in a account vehicle. The appropriate aspect of the artefact is the ‘Ford’ adumbration which is egg-shaped and aphotic dejected with a argent outline and close arena with the cast ‘Ford’ in a cursive font. The adumbration is apparent worldwide. The basal account that barter get aback purchasing an FFU is transportation. But, the FFU offers more; the car serves as an figure and an Aussie bloke’s appearance accent (McDowall 2012). Not alone advantageous for work, the agent is multi-purpose as it allows them to be adventurous aback it is fitted-out with an old mattress for conceiving (McDowall 2012). Also, the chump may arch to the bank with mates for some fun and bandy a ‘barbie’ with some beer and prawns in the aback (McDowall 2012). The added casework that barter can get from the acquirement of this agent are accomplished abiding chump account and banker assurance casework for the car. Barter may additionally appointment the website to acquire the aggregation and the agent more. In accession to that, added accessories for the FFU are accessible for barter to purchase. For example, car insurance, GPS, elastic attic mats, tow bars, mud spats, and abounding added (Ford 2012). Barter may additionally be able with Ford commodity for example, caps, umbrellas, key chains, or mugs aback they acquirement the vehicle. The FFU comes in abounding makes and models. There six altered models of the FFU that barter can acquire from. Barter can acquire amid auto or chiral transmissions, and adapt bottomward to what blush and accent to alternative and specification. Actuality able to adapt and personalize the FFUs is a big affairs point for customers, as they will feel that their agent is altered and one of a kind. Abeyant buyers will absorb a cogent bulk of time attractive for the artefact as it is a big investment. They will activate with advice search, consulting ancestors and friends, salespersons, do online research, and apprehend a affidavit from absolute barter on forums and blogs. If barter cannot acquisition the FFU, or if the delay is too continued for the agent to be delivered, they ability acquire a substitute. There are abounding competitors with agnate articles in the market, for example, the Holden Ute, Nissan Ute, Mazda Ute, and abounding more. On the alternative hand, aback a chump has had their affection set on a artefact which they had spent so abundant time researching on, they ability accept to wait, abnormally back it would be a cogent investment. The FFU has been in the bazaar back 1961 (Hammerton 2012). Ford produces all types of cartage which ambit from cars, sports account vehicles, bartering and performance. The FFUs are accepted to be fast, reliable, and durable. The FFU is altered from competitors because of the admirable architecture and the acclaimed cast name that has been in the bazaar for added than 50 years. 1. 2 Accepted Price The FFU exists in a monopolistic aggressive environment. It is the bazaar area lots of sellers accept to action agnate articles and sellers accept to differentiate themselves application branding, quality, and appearance of the artefact (Martin 2012). Sellers additionally use prices to differentiate themselves from the competitor. Bulk makes an appulse on the address for cartage as the FFU costs a cogent amount. If an FFU costs A$40,000 and if the bulk of the FFU decreases by 10%, it will be a abatement of A$4,000, which makes it a actual acceptable accord area address will best acceptable increase. On the alternative hand, if the bulk of the FFU increases by 10% it will beggarly that buyers will now accept to pay A$44,000 for absolutely the aforementioned vehicle, again address will best acceptable decrease. Barter will activate analytic for addition advantage with a bigger bulk to acquirement as there are abounding agnate cartage in the market. The business costs are actual important aback chargeless the bulk of FFU. This is because every bulk that is activity into the production, advertising, and administration of the car is anesthetized on to the customers. Sellers will accept to chase for the best able and able advantage of bearing the agent genitalia and accumulating the cars. Some of the sellers’ decisions that will affect the prices of the cartage are costs of accepting the cartage accumulated in the countries the cartage are awash at compared to the aircraft costs of accumulated cartage to be awash internationally. Aircraft costs are costs that charge be advised aback ambience the bulk of the FFU. Labor costs comedy a cogent allotment as the agent has to be produced from raw actual up until the auction of the product. Some considerations to abate the costs may be to apply agent agents to abetment with alternative operations that may crave some appropriate able knowledge. The bulk of the FFU is in the average ambit amidst its competitors. The accepted bulk of a basal FFU analyze to competitors areas listed in the table below; Ford Falcon Ute Holden Ute Mazda Ute Volkswagen Ute From $41,595 (www. ford. com. au) From $38, 990 (www. holden. com. au) From $28,560 (www. mazda. com. au) From $43,990 (www. volkswagen-amarok. om. au) Buyers of the FFU will abject a acquirement on the angel of the artefact (please accredit to area 3 for a abundant account of the ambition market). The buyers are attractive for a artefact that is a appropriate and altered and abiding vehicle. The agent will be acclimated to biking abundantly on an accustomed base for both appointment and leisure. Hence, agent buyers acquire to acquirement will accept to be able to bear the weather, terrains, and wear. Bulk is not so abundant an issue, however, aback compared alongside alternative agnate cartage (as started in the table above), the FFU seems to be affairs on the added cher side. Therefore, if the buyers are account sensitive, they may adjudge to counterbalance in alternative brands and test-drive the alternative brands of Utes that are added budget-friendly. 1. 3 Accepted Place The FFU uses intermediaries in their business. The use of intermediaries in businesses ensures the capability and ability of how the business is run. It additionally reduces costs and increases the adequacy of a business. Therefore, barter are not able to buy the artefact anon from the Ford factory. There are abounding places abreast from the branch that barter can acquirement FFU from. Ford is an all-embracing cast and the aggregation strives to ensure that barter can acquisition their articles easily. Locations that barter can acquirement the FFU are official dealerships, clandestine sellers, franchised dealers, and clandestine car yards. The best accessible area barter can acquirement the FFU is from a Ford dealership that is accessible worldwide. Barter may chase on the Ford official armpit for a banker area abutting to them. The cartage are additionally accessible for acquirement from a accountant dealer, for example, John Hughes, AHG, and abounding more. Customers may additionally acquire to acquirement the FFU additional duke from a third party; for archetype a antecedent buyer (a clandestine sale), a licenses clandestine car backyard or akin a franchised car dealer. Barter may chase for car advertisement advice in the classified area of the newspapers or on admitting the internet. Above newspapers like The West Australian and chargeless association newspapers like the Canning Times or Freemantle Gazette will accept these listings and advice agnate to chargeless online advertisement pages like www. carsales. com. au or www. gumtree. com. au and abounding more. The appropriate of the FFU that influences its administration is the size, rules and adjustment of consign countries, durability, and demand. A agent is a huge artefact to address and carriage internationally, appropriately as declared aloft in Area 1. 2 of the report, Ford may accept partnerships in assorted locations to aftermath genitalia of the cars and accept the genitalia alien to be accumulated in altered locations to save costs. However, if the costs are too aerial and it is not applicable to aftermath or address a car in assertive countries, again Ford ability adjudge not to administer to that accurate country. Affecting administration decisions are additionally the taxes and regulations of alien cars in assertive countries. In Malaysia, the government aims to assure its bounded car brands and had imposed absonant tax prices on alien cars. In this instance, it may abate Ford’s affluence in the Malaysian bazaar and absolutely abate sales. Appropriately it is important for Ford to conduct all-encompassing analysis and accede if distributing their articles to assertive countries will be profitable. A absolute aspect of the administration of cartage is that they accept no use-by date. There is no shelf-life and a car is a apparatus that will still appointment afterwards 6 months. The alone downside is to accede the year the car was fabricated as cars lose their bulk from the date it has been produced. The best it has been sitting in the exhibit or the store, or has been apprenticed (odometer has a reading) the atomic bulk the car has. Hence, Ford has to extrapolate and anticipation the assembly and administration amount. Agnate to demand, Ford will accept to conduct bazaar analysis and accede whether barter will use the FFU in their country, or region. For archetype in states like Western Australia, the charge for Utes is aerial as there are affluence of off anchorage terrains and affluence of development and mining sites. On the alternative hand, the address for Utes may alter decidedly in Victoria area it is added developed and there is beneath charge for a account vehicle. 1. 4 Accepted Promotion The aboriginal promotional ad for the FFU was a television ad (available through this link: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=AUbgfWTptoU (YouTube 2000). The ad was aired on civic television in the year 2000. It appearance the FFU antagonism a adapted jet-look akin chase car on collapsed but bouldered terrain. In the ad, as the FFU drive accomplished the jet race-car, the commuter of the FFU fabricated a bold remark, “must be ashore in third”. Then the disciplinarian decides to accelerate, and the FFU speeds avant-garde of the jet race-car abrogation the jet race-car disciplinarian with an amazing attending on his face. Again there is a voiceover, advertence “The XR8 Falcon Ute, It’s Unbelievable” and the ad moves to the abutting awning which shows animate confined advancing calm with the words, ‘Built Tough’ and the Ford logo in the average of the screen. The abutting ad is one of the few from a alternation of an ad. It is a alternation of an ad application the amusement address which is begin on the myFord website (myFord 2012) (refer to the addendum for the ad). The ad shows an FFU anchored at the top of a cliff, overlooking the admirable backdrop at sunset. A developed sits by the car with her barbecue mat and bassinet and her accomplice is in the car. They are watching the dusk calm while captivation easily (with his duke out of the window and she extensive out for him on the mat from the grass). The account at the basal of the ad is “You’ll never appetite to get out of the all-new Falcon Ute”. Alternative alternation of these ads accommodate a guy barbequing from the window of his car on the beach, a brace accepting affiliated in a garden with the helpmate captivation the groom’s duke from the car, and a developed sunbathing at the bank while the alone arresting affair about her partner’s hand, captivation a canteen of beer from the car window. The TV ad and the website ad are not sending the aforementioned message. This could be because these ads are for a hardly altered product; they are for the ‘upgraded’ versions of the originals. Hence, Ford wants to accelerate a altered bulletin to the buyers that they accept articular as their ambition admirers and their needs at that accurate point in time. For the TV ad, the accepted bulletin of the TV ad is that the FFU is congenital for speed, and for the web ad, is that the FFU is congenital for comfort. The affair in the aboriginal ad is allegory and affirmation while the affair for the additional ad is humor. For the aboriginal ad, the business is aggravating to aphorism out any delusion of a account agent actuality slow. Hence, they compared the FFU to the acceleration of jet chase car and assuming (but not absolutely proving) that the FFU in actuality can be faster than a jet chase car. For the web ad, the Ford acclimated amusement to appearance how the FFU, actuality a account agent can be acclimated on all terrains (mountain, beach, garden) and at the aforementioned time it is still actual adequate (that the disciplinarian will not appetite to leave the car for any reasons). At a glance, the letters and the capacity of the ads are altered but there exists an inherent accepted ambition for both the ad, which is, “it is congenital tough, spacious, aloof for macho adolescent adults who like fast, durable, adequate cars. ” Ford wants to allure the developed admirers that has a charge for account vehicles. Ford focuses on announcement to the admirers that they do not charge to accommodation account for acceleration and style. The actuality that the agent is so able is a additional point. 2. 0 Analysis Theory 2. 1 Define Segmentation (using added than aloof the textbook’s definition) According to Lamb et al. (2009, 29) analysis is aback marketers alter their articles to allure altered groups of customers. Elliott, Rundle-Thiele, and Waller (2010, 188) states that the accumulation characteristics that barter are disconnected into are alleged analysis variables. These articulation variables accommodate things barter accept in accepted that may be attributed to their affairs behaviors. This analysis capricious influences the decisions for Ford and how they position and abode their artefact in the market. There are four ample articulation variables; these are Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic, and Behavioural (Kotler et al. 2008, 229). Geographic segmentations are customers’ characteristics of the locations they live; like climate, bounded population, topography, and if are urban, suburban, or rural. 2. 2 Explain Segmentation For example, for the purpose of this assignment, the FFU marketers will ambition barter alive in Western Australia. The demographic characteristics are the customers’ age, sex, ethnicity, income, and domiciliary composition. The FFU will be targeted appear males that are about age 26 to 37. The psychographic analysis characteristics accommodate personality attributes and motives, lifestyles, VALS characteristics, and Roy Morgan's values. FFU will focus its efforts on announcement a articulation that will be best advantageous which will be adolescent macho adults who accept an alive affairs and that requires a abiding agent for appointment and leisure. The behavioral characteristics accommodate how generally barter purchase, how loyal they are to the cast and others. 2. 3 Three allowances to Ford Falcon Ute from Application Segmentation Targeted, able announcement – The Ford marketers can actualize announcement campaigns that are focused and targeted appear the segments in the bazaar that they appetite to advertise to. Targeted announcement is able as abeyant buyers will acquisition the bulletin of the announcement accordant to them. For example, if the ad were to appearance a 60-year-old man as the agent for a Ute the ad may be ineffective. Save money on announcement – If Ford produced which is targeted to address to a accurate segment; they can additionally set the angel of the product. This will additionally admission ability as there will be beneath diffusion of admired time, accomplishment and announcement funds. It is bigger to aftermath one ad that is focused on area the ambition audiences will acquire and be able to chronicle to rather than 10 ads that accept little appliance to the bazaar and will added acceptable account confusion. Easier to adviser changes in a articulation than a accomplished bazaar – If Ford places a aggregation to focus on the ambition bazaar of the FFU, they will be able to apprehend and adumbrate to bazaar changes that are specific to the segments. The car industry and society’s choices are acutely impacted by both macro-environmental and micro-environmental forces. For example, if the targeted bazaar is accepted to be impacted by the bad bread-and-butter altitude to appear and sales of the FFU is predicted to fall, FFU can acknowledge to it in a appropriate address by bearing account versions of the FFU to allure the articulation during the bad times. 3. 0 Ambition Bazaar Characteristics/Images/Rationale Table Column 3. 1: Specific Characteristics of your assigned brand’s primary ambition bazaar AND account of why they are accordant to your product. 3. 1. 1 Column 3. 2: Angel that illustrates appropriate accustomed in Column 3. 1 (Insert pictures below)v 3. 2. 1 Column 3. 3: Explain how the angel provided in Column 3. 2 illustrates the appropriate provided in Column 3. 1. 3. 3. 1 Geographic Specific Characteristics Country: The Ambition Bazaar has to be amid in the country area the assemblage is actuality taken. Hence, the Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute lives in Australia. Explanation of why According to MUARC, TAC, VicRoads, and RACV*, aback allotment ample cars, Australians like Ford as they are perceived as accepting the safest ample cars (Michelle Ainsworth 2011). The Australian banderole in the appearance of the Australian abstemious represents the geographic area of the Ambition Market. * MUARC - Monash University Accident Analysis Centre, TAC - Carriage Accident Commission, RAVC - Royal Automobile Club of Victoria. Specific Characteristics Climate: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute lives in places that acquaintance all types of acute conditions. Explanation of why The Ambition Bazaar will acquisition the Ute reliable in all types of acrid weather. As mentioned in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, “Australia adventures abounding of nature’s added acute phenomena; including droughts, floods, close cyclones, astringent storms, bushfires, and the casual tornado” (ABS 2009). The angel depicts that Australia goes through a four-season acclimate change. Specific Characteristics Topography: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute is amid in Western Australia Account of why Western Australia is mostly fabricated up of the chastening and outback. As quoted from the Australia Bureau of Statistics, “Australia is the additional driest abstemious in the apple and has the bigger barren arena in the southern hemisphere. Added than a third of the abstemious is finer desert; over two-thirds of the abstemious is classified as barren or semi-arid. ” The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute will acquisition it decidedly acceptable on the asperous terrain. Specific Characteristics Urban: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute lives in or abreast above burghal centers. Account of why There is accessible admission to services, food, ball and provides abounding choices aback it comes to affairs a vehicle. The accessibility agency of alive abreast the burghal is account advantageous added for which may be an indicator that the Ambition Bazaar would be accommodating to pay a aberrant price. The Pinnacles barren is a accepted attribute of Western Australia. Geographic This account of the Central Business District depicts that the targeted articulation lives in the around of the city. Column 3. 1: Specific Characteristics of your assigned brand’s primary ambition bazaar AND account of why they are accordant to your product. 3. 1. 2 Column 3. 2: Angel that illustrates appropriate accustomed in Column 3. 1 (Insert pictures below)v 3. 1. 2 Column 3. 3: Explain how the angel provided in Column 3. 2 illustrates the appropriate provided in Column 3. 1. 3. 3. 2 Specific Characteristics Sex and Age: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute is a macho amid 21 and 35 years old. Demographic The angel portrays a macho in his backward 20s’ adequate a beer, accessible to accept fun. Account of why The ambition bazaar has a abounding driver’s authorization and cast active big cars with ‘power’. He is active and consistently on the move, accordingly a agent that is tough, able and dependable like the Ford Falcon Ute will clothing his needs. Specific Characteristics Job: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute has a blue-collar job. Account of why He loves what he does as it allows him adaptability and he is not a ‘rules kind-of-guy’. He is ad-lib and hates routine. He cast the Ute as it enables him to carriage his appointment food and still attending good. This account shows a guy blessed with his job as a blue-collar worker/trade. Specific Characteristics Domiciliary composition: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute is a adolescent developed who is best acceptable in date 1, adolescent singles (bachelorhood) of the Ancestors Activity Cycle. Explanation of why He has aloof acquired his banking independence, has no commitments, and has all his disposable assets to spend. Now, he is in ascendancy and he can accomplish his own decisions on what to purchase. He chooses the Ute because it makes him attending acceptable to the ladies. The account demonstrates the ambition market’s ancestors activity aeon stage. Actuality an acceptable bachelor, he is actual accepted amid the ladies. Demographic Me! Specific Characteristics Income: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute makes a abundant bacon amid $75K and $100K per year and spends it all. Explanation of why He has no banking commitments and does not accept a acumen to save, yet. He purchases the Ute, which symbolizes his adulthood and spending power. Banking ability accompanies the bachelorhood stage. The account shows that he has his own ample assets now. Column 3. 1: Specific Characteristics of your assigned brand’s primary ambition bazaar AND account of why they are accordant to your product. 3. 1. 3 Column 3. 2: Angel that illustrates characteristics accustomed in Column 3. 1 (Insert pictures below)v 3. 2. Column 3. 3: Explain how the angel provided in Column 3. 2 illustrates the appropriate provided in Column 3. 1. 3. 3. 3 Psychographic Specific Characteristics VALS: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute belongs to the VALS Accumulation – Experiencers (The VALS Types 2006) Account of why He is motivated by self-expression and has a lot of energy; he loves aggravating new things and goes by the adage ‘No Fear’. The Ute is best ill-fitted for his affairs as it brings him to places no alternative cars can ability (rough terrains, mountains, sand) The account portrays him and a associate skydiving in the Avon Valley, Western Australia. Specific Characteristics Personality Attributes: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute loves blind out with his mates and is socially aware. Account of why He has confused out of home and no best has a alarm to accept by. He additionally does not charge to await on accessible transports or a auto cabs to get him home afterwards his account partying escapades. He owns his own car now, and he frequently offers his accompany a ride on his Ute. He is appreciative to appearance it off and loves accepting adulation on his car. As depicted in the picture, he places accent in his amusing circles. He enjoys dinners, drinking, and ball with his friends. He uses the Ute to booty his friend's home aback he is the appointed driver. Psychographic Specific Characteristics Roy Morgan Bulk Segments: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute is in the ‘new and different’ segment. Their allure to things that are new and avant-garde usually agency that they are the aboriginal to accept new articles and services, generally aloof for the action of accepting a new toy - behindhand of the cost. Roy Morgan Analysis 2012) Account of why The ambition bazaar cast the Ford Falcon Ute because it is new to the bazaar and boasts avant-garde technology. It has the EcoLPi, Bluetooth adaptable buzz integration, and iPod affiliation (Ford 2012). As apparent in the picture, the Ford Falcon ambition bazaar is admiring to avant-garde articles and new toys. Specific Characteristics Lifestyle: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute has a archetypal above Australian lifestyle. Account of why What bigger way to carriage capacity for a acceptable old ‘barbie’ and a slab of beer than in his Ute? Like all Aussie blokes, he LOVES his ‘barbie’ and blind with his mates on a balmy summers’ day, decidedly aback there is beer involved. The account shows a archetypal Aussie barbeque menu: steaks and craven wings. Missing in the account is a can of beer. Column 3. 1: Specific Characteristics of your assigned brand’s primary ambition bazaar AND account of why they are accordant to your product. 3. 1. 4 Column 3. 2: Angel that illustrates appropriate accustomed in Column 3. 1 (Insert pictures below)v 3. 2. 4 Column 3. 3: Explain how the angel provided in Column 3. 2 illustrates the appropriate provided in Column 3.. 3. 3. 4 Specific Characteristics Loyalty: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute is not cast loyal. Behavioral The angel depicts that the ambition bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute is not cast loyal. Account of why Actuality an Experiencer (The VALS Types 2006), he prefers new-to-the-market and new technology than to absolute himself to accurate brands. He cast aggravating new brands and new things. He purchased the Ford Ute as some of his mates already own the Holden Ute. Specific Characteristics Account expectation: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute ethics the allowances of status, usability, and low maintenance. Explanation of why The allowances approved in the Ute are confined as symbols of his adulthood and cachet as able-bodied as alteration his appointment supplies. He needs the agent to be abiding and dependable. The account shows how the ambition angle himself. Barter acquirement articles constant with their ideal self-image. The Ute is an addendum of the attribute of his masculinity. Specific Characteristics Bulk sensitivity: The ambition bazaar is not afraid about the bulk tags on his purchases. He feels that spending big bucks in barter for appearance is account it. Behavioral Explanation of why He prefers to absorb on things that are chic and upmarket. He cast the Ford Falcon Ute because it looks stylish, akin if it agency spending added compared to the Holden Ute. This is a account of the ambition market’s available pad. He has a chase car actor with 3 collapsed screens, high-end gym accessories and an animated flat-screen LED TV in the ball bend of his apartment. Specific Characteristics Volume usage: The Ambition Bazaar for the Ford Falcon Ute has a aerial acceptance rate. Account of why The account depicts that the acceptance amount of the Ute will be high. The Ute will be acclimated to carriage appointment supplies, back his mates to AFL amateur and drive through road-less terrains. The angel depicts a bedraggled car that is acclimated frequently. The ambition bazaar possibly went off-road for a job yesterday. 4. 0 Reference List ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). 2006. Australian Deserts. Cat. no. 3101. 0. Canberra, A. C. T.: ABS. http://www. abs. gov. au/AUSSTATS/[email protected] nsf/Lookup/1301. 0Feature+Article12006 ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). 2009. The aberrant heatwave of January –February 2009 in south-eastern Australia. Cat. no. 3101. 0. Canberra, A. C. T.: ABS. http://www. abs. gov. au/AUSSTATS/[email protected] nsf/Lookup/1301. 0Chapter1012009%E2% 80%9310 Ainsworth, Michelle. 2011. The Herald-Sun: MUARC, TAC, VicRoads, RACV acknowledge Australia's safest acclimated cars. Accessed July 28, http://www. heraldsun. com. au/news/muarc-tacvicroads-racv-reveal-reveal-australias-safest-used-cars/story-e6frf7jo-1226102225219 Carsales. 2012. Accessed March 12, www. carsales. com. au Elliott, Greg, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, and David Waller. 2010. Marketing. 2nd ed. Milton, Queensland: John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd. Ford Falcon XR8 Ute Advertisement. 2000. YouTube video, 0. 28. http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=AUbgfWTptoU Ford Feel the Difference. 2012. Ford. Accessed March 12, http://www. ford. com. au/servlet/Satellite? c=DFYPage=1248884753526=wrapper ite=FOA#overlay=1248916613837 Ford. 2012. Accessed March 10, www. ford. com. au Ford: Ford Falcon Ute Accessories. Ford. 2012. Accessed January 12, http://www. ford. com. au/commercial/falcon-ute/accessories/exterior Gumtree. 2012. Accessed March 12, www. gumtree. com. au Hammerton, Ron. 2012. Ford Falcon Ute goes bristles stars. Go Auto. http://www. goauto. com. au/mellor/mellor. nsf/story2/0B9A1FB567000AE1CA257745 000048D7 Holden. 2012. Accessed March 10, www. holden. com. au Kotler, Adam, and Denise Armstong. 2008. Principles of Marketing. 4th ed. Frenchs Forest, NSW: Persons Education Australia. Lamb, Charles, Joseph Hair, Carl McDaniel, Jane Summers, and Michael Gardiner 2009. Mktg. 1st Asia Pacific ed. China: Cengage Learning Australia Pty Limited. Martin, Cathy. 2012. “Lecture 5: Chapter 6 Markets Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning. ” PowerPoint address notes.

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