Situation Analysis Report

   Start by account the absorbed case book (Course Resource West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.) and be abiding to accede the afterward questions while you do added research: Where is the aggregation headquartered? What are the company's above articles and/or services? What is the company's anniversary acquirement in dollars, and what is its anniversary assembly in units? Does the aggregation own its own accessories or does it farm accomplishment to others? Who are the company's above suppliers of raw abstracts or parts, and area are they located? What is the administration of the company's workforce by country? How does the aggregation differentiate its alms in its awful aggressive markets? Does the aggregation accept absolute business or administration agreements or partnerships? Who are the company's above all-around and US customers? What allowances does the aggregation action to its customers? Who are the company's above all-around and US competitors? When developing your bearings analysis, you should additionally accept the accent of eyes and mission statements and again assay the company's own eyes and mission statements. **Write a three-page certificate account the capital allegation of your assay about your client, including its mission and eyes statement. This certificate will ultimately anatomy allotment of your bearings assay report.  As a affiliate of the business development aggregation for this project, you use quantitative and qualitative bazaar advice to accomplish important decisions and set the administration of the business plan. As you abide to assignment on your bearings assay report, your aggregation will use the afterward accoutrement to conduct an ecology scan, the foundation on which a solid business plan is built.    Tools for Ecology Scan Company-Specific Assay (internal) SWOT analysis—A SWOT assay is a planning and brainstorming apparatus that helps a aggregation appraise its projects and codify its business plans. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You will use this apparatus to assay and assay the company's centralized strengths and weaknesses as able-bodied as its alien opportunities and threats. The after-effects of this assay may advice the aggregation advance its business or anticipation how a new artefact or account will accomplish (Harmon, 2016). Industry, Market, and Customer Assay (external) PESTEL analysis—A PESTEL assay (sometimes alleged PEST analysis) enables the aggregation to identify, analyze, and adviser the political, economic, social, technological, acknowledged (including regulatory), and ecology factors that may affect its operations (Frue, 2017). Porter's bristles armament analysis—Porter's bristles armament assay is a framework that can advice the aggregation accept the aggressive armament at comedy in its industry. These armament may access how bread-and-butter amount is disconnected amid the company's competitors in the industry (Porter, 2008).   Research your industry and its bazaar trends in the United States and assay bazaar opportunities, threats, and the company's above all-around competition. Again conduct the SWOT, PESTEL, and Porter's bristles armament analyses on your client's company. These accoutrement should acquiesce you to assay the company's centralized environment, customers, and macro-environment (external environment), and to acknowledgment the afterward questions in your bearings assay report: Which elements accept the better appulse on the company's success? What factors affect the company's barter (other businesses)? Be abiding to abutment your assignment with bookish sources and reliable nonscholarly sources such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance,,, Money, Forbes, Fortune, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review, as able-bodied as the UMUC Library databases such as Hoover's and ABI/INFORM. All sources charge to be cited application APA formatting, both aural the argument and in the advertence list. Additionally adduce the UMUC abstracts provided as well.  Use the afterward template:     1.  Situation analysis 1.1  Mission 1.2  Product or account description 1.3  Value proposition 1.4  Internal ambiance browse (SWOT analysis) 1.5  External ambiance browse (PESTEL & Porter's bristles armament analyses) 1.6  Critical issues

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