Situation Analysis of Marks and Spencer in the Italian Market

As a business adviser for Marks and Spencer PLC (M&S), the assignment is to conduct a bearings assay for a European country area M&S does not accept a abundance for the affairs of its products. The country in catechism is Italy, area M&S is currently not present. The cardboard begins with a abbreviate aback arena of M&S and the assorted articles and casework that they provide. The consecutive altercation is a absolute bearings assay which includes a PEST framework to assay the Italy ambiance for new businesses; followed by an appliance of Porter’s bristles armament archetypal to assay the industries that M&S will accomplish in Italy; and assuredly an assay of the Italian barter and bazaar to which M&S will accommodate their products. This is followed by a SWOT assay of M&S PLC for the Italian bazaar in general, area the centralized strengths and weaknesses are analyzed, as able-bodied as the alien opportunities and abeyant threats to M&S. In the end a cessation is provided with recommendations as to what should be the adapted plan of activity for M&S. M&S – An Introduction The history of M&S ps added than a century, back in 1903 the two ally Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer registered M&S Ltd as a company. The aggregation has back again developed to become one of the best admired and accepted retail chains, decidedly in the United Kingdom area it is headquartered (Marks and Spencer Plc, 2009). M&S is one of the avant-garde retail firms in the United Kingdom that offers “stylish, aerial quality, abundant amount accouterment and home articles as able-bodied as outstanding affection foods, from about 2,000 suppliers globally. ” M&S has a ample and assorted assignment force of added than 75000 bodies both in the United Kingdom and in alternative nations about the globe. There are added than six hundred aliment in the United Kingdom and a ample cardinal of all-embracing aliment that are set to abound alike added as based on the plan of the aggregation (Marks and Spencer PLC, 2009). M&S has avant-garde and assorted categories of articles and casework to action its clientele. They accept adapted and besides for women’s abrasion and lingerie, men’s abrasion and children’s clothes, they additionally action a capricious ambit of articles such as books, DVD’s, toys and games, biking accompanying products, home capacity and accessories and electrical items, technology accompanying articles such as TV’s, iPods and computers, flowers and ability including greeting cards, and aliment and drinks including liquor. Besides this huge array of articles and services, M&S additionally action E-Catalogues, Banking products, and Energy articles for residences (Marks and Spencer Group Plc, 2008). Country Assay A PEST Assay is activated actuality to assay the assorted ecology armament that are affecting the Italian bazaar and appropriately all the firms that are operating in that bazaar or plan to do so in the future. This includes my accepted activity as a business adviser of ablution M&S in Italy. The PEST assay is an abridgement for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Ecology Analysis. Each of the factors is discussed beneath for the Italian market. Political Factors Italy is one of the best avant-garde countries in the apple and additionally a affiliate accompaniment of NATO, G-8 and the EU. The accepted government acquired ability in 2001, and is led by “Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, baton of the Forza Italia party” (EIA, 2003). After the majority achievement of Berlusconi adjoin Veltroni, it adumbrated a added abiding political altitude for Italy in the alternating advancing years. Read Marks & Spencer bazaar structure This new begin abeyant political adherence would abundantly abetment the Italian abridgement as well, area the position of ability has been afflicted amid the parties added than sixty one times in the aftermost sixty years. According to Pope Benedict XVI, this would advice Italy “overcome its difficult period” (Krause-Jackson, 2008). This shows that political seats accept afflicted already every year, which is a alarming arrangement abnormally for a adopted aggregation like the aggregation in question, M&S. However, back the new government has afflicted power, the forecasts accept afflicted to become added absolute as compared to antecedent years. Economic Factors Italy has been acutely afflicted by the all-around banking crisis like abounding alternative nations. Abounding promises fabricated by the anew adopted government accept not been accomplished due to the breakable bread-and-butter position faced by the country. Italy has a massive accessible debt that is about a hundred and bristles percent of the Gross Domestic Product. The GDP in itself has beneath by about 0. 6 percent in 2008. The anticipation able by the Economist is that GDP will abatement added in the afterward years. The budgetary account arrears which was already about 3 percent of the Gross Domestic Product in 2008 is accepted to access to over 4 percent in the abutting year or two. The arrangement of Accessible Debt to the Gross Domestic Product which already was at an ample aerial in the year concluded 2008 at about a hundred and bristles percent is accepted to acceleration added to added than a hundred and ten percent in the abutting year or two. The deficits ability be abundant college if tax cuts which were originally promised during the acclamation attack are implemented (Intelligence Unit, 2009).

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