Sitting Pretty: Managing customer-driven innovations at Faurecia car seating.

Hello. This is my aboriginal case abstraction and I am attractive for support

This is a 800-1,000 case assay with an controlling summary. Our advance is Operations Management by Slack 2016, 8th edition.


Assumptions and scope

Major Issues

Objectives (SMART criteria)


Recommendations and plan of action

to architecture the case, use breeze B
Issue 1
Analysis 1
Recommendation 1
Issue 2
Analysis 2
Recommendation 2
Issue 3
Analysis 3
Recommendation 3

Up to 3 appendices

Questions to address:
How do changes in Faurecia’s business advance to change in its strategy? In particular, how can the 2-pieces bench fit in the new business archetypal and what blazon of ‘product development process’ is bare in such a business model?

In the assay area I would like you to use a minimum of two of the tools/techniques covered in the Slack et al textbook.

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