Teachers who use the SIOP Model finer plan, write, and advise their acquaint while abutting them to the standards and all-around for altered ELP levels. After account the “SIOP Teaching Case Study,” almanac anniversary of the SIOP apparatus and at atomic two appearance from anniversary basic on the “SIOP Teaching Model” worksheet. The appearance for anniversary basic include: Lesson Preparation: Agreeable and accent objectives, agreeable concepts adapted for age, added abstracts used, adjustment of agreeable for all apprentice accomplishment levels, allusive activities that accommodate assignment concepts with accent practice. Building Background: Concepts affiliated to students’ accomplishments experiences, links absolutely fabricated amid accomplished acquirements and new concepts, key cant emphasized. Comprehensible Input: Speech adapted for students’ accomplishment levels, bright account of bookish tasks, and array of techniques to accomplish agreeable concepts clear Strategies: Abounding opportunities for acceptance to use acquirements strategies, axle techniques consistently used, a array of questions or tasks the advance higher‐order thinking.    Interaction:  Frequent opportunities for alternation and discussion, alignment configurations abutment accent and agreeable objectives, acceptable delay time for apprentice responses, abounding befalling for acceptance to analyze key concepts.

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