Silence Kills, Animal Farm Essay

Silence Kills In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Benjamin, a affable donkey, finds his already peaceful home adapted into a absolutist absolutism led by a power-hungry pig called Napoleon. Because of Benjamin’s aloof nature, he ultimately was able to advance Animal Acreage into its oppression. Benjamin’s silence, his adeptness to chase afterwards question, and his disability to allotment his acumen with the alternative animals angry him into one of the capital contributors to the absolutist behavior that occurred and the accident of abandon and adequation on Animal Farm. When addition keeps their thoughts silent, it usually allows amiss to happen; in this case, Benjamin and his aloof attributes is what helped to ammunition the farm’s oppression. So when: “Benjamin . . . seemed to understand, but would say nothing” (109) he accustomed the alternative animals to go afterwards alive about Napoleon’s accurate intentions. Perhaps Benjamin affected that his blackout would assure him, and that by blockage silent, he was not creating added ball and instead allowance to abbreviate it. Alike admitting Benjamin is one of the added able animals on the farm, his standoffishness is what helped Napoleon advance as a dictator: “Benjamin . . nodded his cage with a alive air” (109) Benjamin had the adeptness to allotment his acumen with the alternative animals on the farm. However, instead of overextension the accuracy about Napoleon, Benjamin kept to himself and banned to meddle in what he advised to be “nonsense”. Benjamin banned to articulation his thoughts and because of that, he accustomed his accompany to die, his home to be destroyed, and his activity to be angry into that of a follower. Instead of speaking up, Benjamin agilely followed the orders he was given. So while he never volunteered to do added work, he never did beneath than what he was declared to: “. . . ven . . . Benjamin . . . did [his] share” (60-61) Because Benjamin did not try to abolish Napoleon, he accustomed Napoleon to become a stronger and added affecting absolutist on Animal Farm. Had Benjamin not accustomed himself to be angry into a follower, he best acceptable would accept been able to anticipate the farm’s oppression. Added generally than not, it is the followers that advice to ammunition a tyranny: “Benjamin was watching . . . [silently and] intently” (102). Followers sit, watch, do what they are told, and they listen. While Benjamin may not accept agreed with Napoleon’s rulings, he never objected to any of them either. Benjamin is a addict and he consistently will be, because alike admitting he possesses the qualities of a leader, he doesn’t accept the strength, the care, or the discipline to allege up. Benjamin was consistently quiet soul, but back he absent Boxer, the affliction in his affection alone intensified. Benjamin approved to save his baby acquaintance afore he was beatific to the “knacker’s” but alas, he wasn’t fast enough: “Come at once! They’re demography Boxer away! ” he shouted . . . Sure enough, there was a . . . van, fatigued by two horses . . . And Boxer’s arrest was abandoned . . . “Good-bye, Boxer! ” [The animals] chorused . . . “Fools! Fools! ” shouted Benjamin . . . “Fools! Do you not see what is accounting on . . . that van? . . . Alfred Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer . . . They are demography Boxer to the knacker’s! ” . . . But the van was already . . . cartoon abroad from them . . . [And] Boxer was never apparent again. Afterwards accident Boxer, Benjamin recoiled added into his carapace of silence. Little did Benjamin apprehend that if he chose to accouter his acrimony and use it as a apparatus to action adjoin Napoleon, he apparently would accept been victorious. Alike admitting he batten in a arrogant and abrasive accent before, afterwards Boxer died, Benjamin chose not to allege at all: “Only old Benjamin was abundant the aforementioned as anytime . . except . . . back Boxer’s death, added acrimonious and aloof than ever” (128) Benjamin’s growing blackout acquired him to become a bigger contributor to the accident of abandon and adequation on Animal Farm. At this point, he wouldn’t allege up; Benjamin accepted his atom as a addict and never as annihilation more. Sometimes blackout is the deadliest weapon. Benjamin accepted that by actual quiet through a time of oppression, one would alone be allowance to advance a leader’s totalitarianism. His adamant silence, his adamancy appear afterward his orders, and his aloof attitude afterwards the afterlife of Boxer alone stood to appearance that a addict sometimes can be the arch addition to a tyranny. Napoleon’s dictatorship, while strong, would not accept been as acknowledged had it not been for his followers. Benjamin and the others, while they may not accept accomplished it, were key attributes bare to advance to the ultimate abatement of abandon and adequation on Animal Farm. Works Cited Orwell, George. Animal Farm: With Connections. Austin, TX: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1999. Print.

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