Signature Assignment – SWOT Analysis

  Assignment Content Determining back to advance a arrangement centralized or to acquirement a COTS arrangement is not consistently clear. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) assay brings the strengths and opportunities to a focus point and highlights the threats and weaknesses so an abreast accommodation can be made. This assay is generally completed by the stakeholders, including the business analyst. Perform a SWOT assay of buy against body for your called arrangement application the ability acquired from the Anniversary 5 discussion, Purchasing Software Applications. You may use any Microsoft® affairs to actualize the SWOT assay agnate to the one featured in Ch. 12 of Information Technology for Management. Use your SWOT assay to actualize a adviser for managers at Phoenix Fine Electronics to advice actuate if the business should body or buy a system. Incorporate acknowledgment from the sourcing plan you created aftermost week. Support your adviser with at atomic 2 references. As a guideline, this blazon of adviser should be 4 to 5 pages in breadth with accounting descriptions, charts, and outlines. Include the afterward in your guide: Various accomplish bare to acquirement or advance a arrangement in-house Budget considerations Staffing considerations Time considerations Risks Maintenance plan References

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