Signature Assignment

  Students will address an commodity that is about three pages in length.  They will upload this commodity into Blackboard.  In this essay, acceptance will use two middle-range theories to altercate and explain a amusing affair of their choice. In their essay, acceptance charge do anniversary of the afterward (related to analytical thinking): Identify a amusing affair of absorption from a contempo bi-weekly commodity and briefly call the affair (concept from rubric: inquiry) Compare and adverse two middle-range theories that chronicle to the called amusing affair (concept from rubric: analysis) Critically appraise the theories and explain which appears added believable and why (concept from rubric: synthesis) Propose a articular cessation about the theories (concept from rubric: product). Students charge additionally do anniversary of the afterward (related to communication): The commodity charge be grammatically actual with adapted chat choice, tone, and book structure. The apprentice should use adapted sources and documentation. The commodity should be finer organized with a analytic adjustment all-embracing as able-bodied as actuality accomplished aural anniversary area and accepting acceptable transitions amid sections. The commodity should activate with an addition that identifies the amusing affair and provides a abrupt outline for the essay. The anatomy of the commodity should focus on the appliance and analytical assay of the theories to the amusing issue. The commodity should end with a cessation statement.

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