Sigmund Freud and Freud Hank

Fardad Muhammad Baig 2014-02-0338 Personality Theories Uzma Mazhar 1) What personality (or character) blazon does Hank affectation according to Freudian theory? Provide affirmation for your answer. At what date is Hank fixated, according to the Freudian perspective? Find affirmation of fixation in the case study. What ability acquire acquired this fixation? According to Freud Hank’s displays the Articulate Aggressive personality type. This personality blazon is characterized by envy, abetment of others, and suspiciousness. ‘Oral aggressive’ bodies are generally perceived as envious, pessimistic, cynical, sarcastic, aloof and contemptuous. Hank perceives others as bank and is acerb about others. Hank is bedeviled at the articulate stage. Orally-fixated bodies generally seek delight through smoking, thumb-sucking, nail-biting and chewing altar like pens and pencils. Hanks resort to smoker and bistro aback he is stressed. This fixation occurs as a aftereffect of his mother’s overprotectiveness. His mother acclimated to accomplish his needs instantly. This resulted in his addiction of burning delight which could not be accomplished after in life. His mother use to shut him up with cookies. This is me was a apple-pie assurance that he had annex affair appear his mother. The mother did not conduct her son which can advance him to acquire bewilder accompaniment of mind. After account the case study, I acquire the mother is allotment to accusation for Hank’s fixation because he was baby into a blowhard person, after him alike noticing. 2) Would Freudian approach call Hank's bistro and belligerent behaviors as actuality internally or evidently motivated? Explain the motivation. Freudian Approach will call Hank’s bistro and belligerent behaviors as actuality internally motivated. His addiction of bistro is a assurance of fixation at the Articulate Date as a aftereffect of which he resorts to boundless bistro and smoker aback he is in stress. His belligerent attributes expresses his depression appear others because these bodies did not accord him as abundant absorption as his mother did. He, therefore, is affronted at others. As a adolescent he was apparent to actual delight by boundless feeding. These evidences appearance that these behaviors were internally motivated. 3) Find an archetype of a Freudian a Freudian aegis apparatus that Hank uses in this description. Explain it. Hank habits alienate people, including Sally. However, aback Sally larboard him Hank anticipation that she bankrupt up with him because of his weight botheration and again he goes on to accusation her for her shallowness. He is ‘rationalizing’ here. He is absorption on alternative acumen admitting the absolute botheration lies aural him which he is not accommodating to accept. 4) Find an archetype of corruption in the case study. Explain it. Aback Hank anticipation about the antecedent anniversary he acquainted stressed. To lower his accent he starts bistro the ice cream. After this he starts smoker which additionally helps him to abate the tension. This is an affirmation of regression. In a accompaniment of accent Hank regresses aback to the Articulate date and seeks delight through boundless bistro and smoking. 5) Would a Freudian therapist appearance Hank's weight botheration as a behavioral problem, in and of itself, or as a evidence of addition problem? Explain. A Freudian Therapist would appearance Hank’s weight botheration as a evidence of his fixation at the articulate stage. Instead of adjoin a demanding bearings Hank regresses aback to the articulate date and seeks burning articulate delight through smoker and eating. This is the account of his weight problem. It is additionally accessible that his weight botheration can be addressed as a behavior problem. Children apprentice to behave in a assertive address by celebratory alternative people. Since Hank's didn’t acquire any friends, he was not able to apprentice from others. 6) What ameliorative techniques would a Freudian therapist, like the one in this case study, acceptable use? What accompaniment of alertness would be the focus of the therapy? What brings healing in Freudian therapy? A Freudian Therapist will use the ameliorative address of Free Association for Hank’s therapy. Psychoanalysis assumes that bodies are generally conflicted amid their charge to apprentice about themselves, and their (conscious or unconscious) fears of and defenses adjoin change and self-exposure. Hank’s will be accustomed to allocution about annihilation he wishes but this will advance him to allocution about the things which amount to him the most. This will abet a adventure of co-discovery which can enhance Hank’s affiliation of thought, feeling, and selfhood. The asleep will be the focus of the therapy. The therapist will try to accomplish Hank apprehend his weaknesses so that he can assignment on them. In Freudian therapy, or psychoanalysis, healing occurs aback repressed thoughts and animosity are brought in to consciousness. This allows the accommodating to advance a stronger ego and boldness centralized conflict.

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