Should we prohibit the development of the cyber command

Should we prohibit the development of the cyber command? BY kus09453 Cyber warfare Cyber warfare has been authentic as any adverse measures adjoin an adversary designed" to discover, alter, destory, agitate or alteration abstracts stored in a computer, manipulated by a computer or transmitted through a computer. " Examples of adverse use accommodate computer attacks on air cartage ascendancy systems, on oil activity breeze systems and nuclear plants. Cyber Weapon Cyber weapons includes computer bacilli and software that can be acclimated to access adversary networks. Defining these accoutrement as weapons, as adjoin to systems or processes, allows the advancing to administer the aforementioned authorisation controls as they administer to accepted weapons such as accoutrements and tanks. Cyber command Cyber command has been authentic as a command for arrangement which accessory to the state. They accept three tasks, attack, defence and development. Lets use the aboriginal enactment of cyber command, the US Cyber Command, to be an archetype to explain. US Cyber Command centralizes command of cyberspace operation and organizes absolute cyber resources, these can advice for the arrangement developmant. In the defence side, US Cyber Command synchronizes aegis of US advancing and the US government casework networks, to comfirm that US will be safe beneath any situations. In the advance side, it additionally accommodate that the accomplishments why Cyber Command had angry the all-embracing concern. In 2010, It has waged cyberwar. US Cyber Command adjourned the development of nuclear weapon of Iran. It involves hacking and attack. This advancing activity had angry all-embracing concern. Why We chose this affair because of Edward Joseph Snowden. He was an NSA arrangement administrator. He was capital by USA because he appear th of the U. S. classified intelligence to public. He came to Hong Kong to broadcast these abstruse file. This activity had angry all-embracing concern, including us. He had appear the PRISM activity which U. S. is advancing to do. U. S. can through PRISM to get all the abstracts about us, like e-mail, file, video, login information. Also, he said that U. S. has developed over 2000 cyber weapon to abort computer system. We are absorbed in this because we anticipate our aloofness are not save and our civic aegis is threatened . This resentation will focus on whether we should prohibit the development of Cyber Command as a allotment of Cyberwarfare. Later on, Jacky will altercate about cyber command in altered perspective. Conclusion We disagree with prohibiting the development of Cyber Command but should be focus on the arresting purpose and the technology development. Since the abhorrent affront could advance to absolute war, the abhorrent development should be prohibited. We anticipate that acceptable the civic cyber technology is absolute important. Cyber weapon meets an cold which would crave spy or the use of force. Such accomplishments accommodate annexation of abstracts and abort of data. Annexation of abstracts or bookish property, such as proprietary advice of a business, classified advice of a government or military. Destruction of abstracts or programs on the system, beneath frequently, blow to the computer hardware, in the best acute case, blow to an electromechanical or activity ascendancy arrangement such that a austere automated blow after-effects in accident of activity or above bread-and-butter damages. To assure the citizens' appropriate and their life, to anticipate the agitator advance civic computer systems, the development of Cyber Command s necessary. Predicted Approaching In the future, we adumbrate that first, every countries will advance cyber command candidly or covertly, because we are in cyber era, it is all-important to accept a cyber command to accord with the arrangement aegis problem. second, cyberwar may advance to absolute war as Ken mentioned. third, Civic aegis agencies and law administration agencies will advance cooperation, because they charge to accord with the aloofness problem. In the afterward time, I am activity to assay the botheration in amusing absorption angle and civic aegis perspective. But afore that, I will allocution about the development of cyber command first. In the past, Cyber Command in altered countries were mainly focus on the arresting purpose. They Just appetite to advance the firewall, to advance their arrangement aegis and appropriately to baffle cyber attack. But in contempo years, they accept been starting to change the focus to abhorrent purpose. They are actively to advance altered cyber weapons and hacking others computer arrangement to aggregate information. The U. S. Cyber Command has a ecology diplomacy to aggregate abstracts and to apperceive someone's whereabouts. Their targets are not alone the important affiliate of alternative countries, but additionally the citizens. The media in U. S. appear that they has been ecology 9 Internet account providers user database, which including G-mail in google, beast email, skype, facebook etc. What you accept done in the computer is accessible to be monitored. Our claimed aloofness is abandoned and it is the appropriate of everyone. Therefore , in the amusing absorption perspective, the development of Cyber Command should be stop. But, in the Civic aegis perspective, the US government explained that the onitoring diplomacy is acclimated for adjoin Terrorism. They drudge in some database arrangement and get the advice about the terrorists in adjustment to clue them and appropriately to abstain agitator attack. Besides that, developing Cyber Command can advance the aegis of the civic computer system. One ot the assignment ot the Cyber Command is to assure the accomplished country's arrangement by clarification some adverse website, e-mails. In alternative words, they assure the aborigine computers from advancing by others. The aborigine will be added save to do online arcade or article else. And additionally anticipate the aperture of civic abstruse ocuments. As US government appear that they had been accustomed several times of advance by China, some of the abstruse abstracts may be copied, which abuse the civic aegis of US. An air force accepted asked why we should delay for the advance from others and booty acknowledgment to it? He again appropriate an idea, "Offense is the best defense" and there is a appellation of this defense, we alleged alive cyber defense. They has developed abounding cyber weapons and has been actively hacking alternative countries computer systems with the "Defensive purpose". It is assuredly that it is able for civic security. The development of Cyber Command additionally advice to enhance the technology level. The bigger hacking skills, stronger firewall is for bigger aegis to the nation. But it is not Just account to the aegis aspect. The assignment of development of Cyber Command not Just the advance accomplishment and cyber weapon, but additionally the advance of both the speed, the anamnesis admeasurement of computer, and the manual acceleration of internet. It is account to the change of animal technology level. I accept mentioned abounding advantages if developing the Cyber Command, but there are some accessible disadvantages to civic security. First, the Cyber Command may abuse to the civic aegis itself. Since accomplished civic computer arrangement is controlled by them, they can drudge in the advancing arrangement and again boss the accomplished country. Second, we cannot absolutely ascendancy the activity of hackers in the Cyber Command. If they advance the cyberbanking arrangement so as to access benefit, we may not apperceive who did it as they accept the best hacking skills. Also, they may advertise the abstruse civic abstracts to alternative countries around to access benefit. Then, Ken will altercate the botheration in addition perspectives. In political perspective, it is anxious the relations amid countries. Firstly, prohibit the development of Cyber Command can advance apple peace. If we do not prohibit this development, it will abort affiliation amid countries. Cyber weapons beggarly ecology computer system, burglary clandestine advice or antibacterial diplomacy system. When a government uses cyber weapons, it threatens alternative countries because they agnosticism their abstruse civic abstracts accept been appear and accusation the country which application cyber weapons. Also, hacking is a austere botheration and may blow all-embracing relation. Due to hacking, the country which its arrangement was afraid charge stop the cooperation with the hacking country. If countries use cyber weapons added frequently, their disbelief amid countries charge be increased. This affront is accessible to allowance absolute war, the apple accord is destroyed. However, the development of Cyber Command will be of account to a country. If a country can authority a able cyber-military, it can strengthen all-embracing status. Besides, a country develops Cyber Command to abduct alternative civic abstruse information, they can acutely apperceive alternative countries' situations again it can enhance ore access on the determinations in all-embracing affairs. Developing Cyber Command additionally assure interests and address of nation. When a country can anticipate cyber-attack from alternative countries, they assure their interests and dignity. The abutting is bread-and-butter perspective. In this point of view, developing Cyber Command charge to access government amount because they charge use cool computer in Cyber Command. Oppositely, it can access application amount in I. T. industry because it charge a lot of experts in computer to allowance cyber-attack or avert hacking. Also, it can assure banking service. Many banking activities like banal bazaar are controlled by computer system, if there is cyber-attack to these banking activities, it will accomplish a huge bread-and-butter loss. Therefore, we charge to advance Cyber Command for arresting cyber-attack, it can abstain bread-and-butter loss. Four perspectives on development of cyber command accept been discussed. Now, I will allocution the complication on this topic. We acquisition two dilemmas in developing Cyber Command, apple accord against civic account and aloofness against security. I allocution about apple accord against civic account first. If we achievement for apple peace, we should not allowance any types of war including cyber war. Even admitting cyber warfare will not accomplish absolute abuse such as casualties, it will account bad affiliation amid altered countries. Consequently, the absolute war occurs because relations amid countries accept been destroyed. But countries can get allowances in cyber war. On the alternative hand, some governments anticipate ecology is a acceptable way to advance civic security. However, citizens do not accede that they are monitored by the government because they do not appetite to lose their freedoms and privacies.

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