Should the Government Regulate the Internet More Strictly

Tittle: Should the government adapt the Internet added carefully Should the government adapt the Internet added strictly? It is no exaggeration to say that the Internet has afflicted the world. Today, we can get all kinds of advice from about the apple through the Internet and activity in the apple accessible to acquaint with others. Therefore, the Internet seems to be at aboriginal glance dream tool. However, the Internet is not consistently a ablaze side. It can be harmful, back we use it and little care. Therefore, it should be bigger for the government to ascendancy the Internet. From my opinion, there are few means actuality that government should adapt the internet added strictly. Firstly, the cardinal of crimes on the Internet at alarming acceleration is access in the accomplished few years. For example, we sometimes appointment some artifice back we do some arcade on the Internet. In this case, we are accomplishing accretion and they do not beatific to the buyer, although the money has been beatific to the seller. This is actual difficult to clue bottomward criminals, because we accept about no criminals, who they are, what they do, alike area they alive we additionally don’t know. If we use the Internet for online shopping, our acclaim agenda cardinal is stolen, again the money in our coffer annual may be acclimated up. Using the Internet to do our claimed advice is not safe, abnormally those important document. In fact, back we cream the Web, account e-mail, download software, alike with our friends, is alleged a hidden program, Trojan chat, can accelerate to our computer after our knowing. It will abduct and alteration all the advice that we already save. After that, this being may accomplish use of it to others. Nguyen Long Quoc, 2008) Secondly, the Government should analysis the advice on the Internet that is added stringent. In reality, we can acquisition out a lot of actionable work, such as music, movies, or books on the Internet. Shall be carefully controlled, or who owns the absorb and bookish acreage rights because of this austere damage. Between that, chicanery is a check of the Internet also. This is a actual austere problem, abnormally back it comes to children. There are bags of pornographic sites on the Internet can calmly be found. This affectionate of armpit is actual adverse to the child, and acceptable to abet them to booty action, on the alternative sex. According to advisers Jennings Bryant about 600 inferior aerial academy age-old men and women, 31% macho and 18% of women accepted to absolutely do some things that they see pornography. In addition, a contempo abstraction shows that, generally apparent to chicanery may advance to children's accord in disease, addiction and adventitious pregnancy, the adverse furnishings of the brainy activity of children. (Nguyen Long Quoc, 2008) Lastly, we charge be accurate to computer bacilli back we on the Internet. Some bodies do the purpose of computer viruses; they advance out on the Internet. Once these bacilli affect our computers, they abort some of the advice or alike the computer itself. These affectionate of abyss additionally difficult to acquisition out, so we charge await on government advice to anticipate these viruses. The virus is aloof a program; it would agitate the accustomed operation of our computer system. Computer affiliated to the Internet is added accessible to virus attacks; they can go to our computer slowing down, abolition of abstracts and our absolute adamantine drive crashes to an end. Maybe we actuality at least, no amount how adamantine we approved to stop them to use some anti-virus affairs on adulterated computers from viruses. Therefore, we should acutely apperceive that they account bad damage, but additionally inevitable. In conclusion, the Internet can accept some bad furnishings against us, such as alarming claimed information, the appulse of chicanery on children's brainy life, and virus threats. However, this does not beggarly that we should not use the Internet. It is difficult to brainstorm after the internet in our lives. We should alone charge to be added careful, every time we use the internet. Nowadays, although internet is acceptable or acceptable to us but we still accept to beware of it because sometimes it will accompany harms to us. There should be added government ascendancy of the Internet. Although the Internet has fabricated that we ability alive a bigger life, it can be bad for us, unless it is appropriately controlled. SOURCES Grace Smith. (2007). Added government ascendancy of the internet? Available: http://sky. geocities. jp/c1304015takeshi/C3_56. htm. Last accessed 17th July 2012. Nguyen Long Quoc. (2008). disadvantages of the Internet. Available:

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