Should Men Be Allowed to Have More Than One Wife?

Argumentative Essay “Man fi have, nuff gal and gal ina bungle, gal from Rema and gal from Jungle…” Is a accepted song by Jamaican reggae artisan Beenie Man. The song suggests that men should accept assorted partners, a acceptance to which abounding Jamaican men additionally subscribe. A man accepting added than one wife is alleged Polygyny a anatomy of polygamy that has been abundant debated in a lot of countries for years. Polygyny although actionable in Jamaica, charcoal adequate in abounding cultures who argues that it should be accomplished here. However, Men should not be accustomed to accept added than one wife in Jamaica as this would account our behavior and ethics to adulterate and accord to added afflicted marriages which will accept a abrogating appulse on the accouchement produced by these marriages. Polygyny is a anatomy of polygamy in which a man has added than one wife (oxford dictionary); helps in the abasement of moral behavior and ethics which will affect our structured adjustment negatively. Polygyny is In a awful Christian based country such as Jamaica men actuality accustomed to accept added than one wife will decidedly abort from adorning our moral behavior of a abiding ancestors assemblage of one man, one woman and children. According to the BOHRD (2011), Christianity contributes to added than bisected the religious population. This religious accumulation durably believes that Polygyny should not be accomplished and a alliance is the abutment amid one man and one woman in which we as a country has adopted. To alpha acceptance men to be able to accept added than one wife will abandoned deteriote our moral standards and belisfs. in about every country area polygamy is accomplished it is abandoned polygyny which is accustomed and women marrying added than one man are forbidden. Right there is a corruption gender asperity as anointed in (OECD. 2010) a . This act will advance a hypocritical and biased association back it comes to issues of men vs women and appropriately will advance the corruption of our women. Polygamy additionally acquired abounding problems aural the home amid the two wives. Usually there is at atomic one wife who is not blessed with the arrangement. This is because the new wife is usually adolescent and has added to action than the aboriginal wife. This annoyance causes a lot of abrasion in bedmate marriages. If the man buys article for one wife he needs to get article for the other. Even with affairs article for both wives one of them generally claims that the alternative accustomed article better. The aforementioned affair is accurate for what he buys for anniversary of their children. This impossibility of acceptable assorted wives at the aforementioned time causes abounding conflicts in bedmate marriages. The after-effects of these conflicts are anywhere from the abusage of the others accouchement to aggravating to argue her bedmate to annulment the alternative wife. This is so accepted that in Eastern Africa if two wives of the aforementioned man get forth calm bodies say that he charge accept acclimated abracadabra on them to achieve this. Do you see a man accepting assorted wives to be any accurate account to females, or is the account abundantly to the macho "husband? " And in this economy, abounding men cannot allow to advance one domiciliary and family, let abandoned two or three appropriately for anniversary wife. How can bankrupt men aspire to be polygynous back they do not accept the abundance to accommodated the standards of such a situation? Accouchement from such families can no best acquire acceptable education; for there is little to go annular amid three-four households. They can not allow a counterbalanced meal; actuality affluence farmers, who broadcast on the compensation of the land, back aridity heats, they will accept to go after aliment if they don't get from accommodating bodies who are additionally short. Women about-face to accept beneath cocky esteem, they see themselves through the male's eyes. hen a woman stands by the mirror instead of seeing herself through her own imagination, she thinks of how he will see her, so she is application his imagination, to ascertain herself-worthy. In my opinion, polygamy served its purpose in those times, but now, it has become the corruption of the ancestors community, and association at large, antibacterial self-esteem in women, and bringing boundless adversity on accouchement built-in from such families. There are letters of blessed families but these are few and they could be in abnegation of reality, one would suggest.

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