Short-Term Financial Management Submission

Assignment Details Cash is King! Good banknote administration is an capital job of the banking manager! You own a baby auto sales business alleged King Kars. You banal up on account in February, April, June, and September. Your anniversary banknote account indicates that your MONTHLY NET CASH for the year will be the following: JAN  $5,000 FEB  -$30,000 MAR  $20,000 APRIL -$35,000 MAY  $25,000 JUNE  -$10,000 JULY  $25,000 AUG   $25,000 SEPT  -$30,000 OCT  $15,000 NOV  $15,000 DEC  $25,000 You activate the year with a banknote antithesis of $50,000, and the minimum banknote antithesis adapted charge be $50,000 every month. Prepare a banknote breeze arbitrary and alien costs arbitrary as acclaimed in the Excel spreadsheet assigned to this submission.  Do you accept that the aggregation needs alfresco financing?  What is the minimum band of acclaim to appeal from a lender?  Do you anticipate you are a acceptable applicant for the band of credit? Why?  Please abide the Excel arrangement below, adored beneath your name, with the columns and rows completed with the banknote flows. Also in this template, you charge include  the answers to questions 2 and 3 in the assignment.  Click actuality to download the template. The use of 1 bookish antecedent (e.g., textbook, commodity from the CEC Library) is required. Deliverable Length:  1 Excel spreadsheet with answers to all questions

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