Short Report: Case Study

Case Study based on Regression This abbreviate case will be graded and should be completed individually. The ambition is to convenance able autograph of statistical summaries in a way a lay being could understand. This is an important accomplishment in the business world. Aloof alive the abstruse capacity is not enough.  Your abode will be short (max of 1.5 pages including table) and the agreement should be 1.5 inches. In the abode you should absorb the results properly. When I brand your report, my focus will be on your estimation of the statistics and breeze of your sentences. Remember that autograph is not easy. You will apprehend that accomplishing the statistics is in actuality abundant easier. So, booty your time to clear your report. For this reason, I admonish you to appointment on the abode able-bodied advanced of the due date. If you appointment on it continuously and you accept a acceptable butt of the "Regression" topics, it will not booty you added than 3 hours.  Remember the following: Only letters uploaded on Titanium will be graded. Email submissions and duke submissions will automatically get a zero. No duke autograph on the abode is allowed. A pdf certificate should be uploaded. Reports that apprehend actual agnate are both assigned a zero. See abridgement on bookish dishonesty. Due dates are strict. Do not ask for an addendum as there are no exceptions. If you accept any catechism on the case, do so able-bodied afore the due date. Your abode is evaluated based on:     - Content : all issues aloft in the case charge be addressed                        effectively. Your statistical interpretations need                        to be correct. Incorrect or awkward statements are                        penalized. So, charge to anticipate afore you write.     - Organization: the abode starts by defining the problem,                               assay abstracts and assuredly abode the raised                               issues. See the archetype abode I accept made                               available. If a apprentice addresses the issues like                               analytic an exercise by advertisement them in order, I will                               accredit a ZERO as this is not advised a                               report.   -  Presentation: All genitalia of the abode are accounting application MS       WORD. Any instance of handwritten account will lead       to a significant or absolute accident of points. The abode should       be chargeless of typos, grammatical errors, etc. Submitting aloof a abode does not agreement any credit. This appointment is not an assay or a quiz. If you absorb some time and be austere about it, you will apprentice a lot from it added than any alternative evaluation. Plus, an accessible acclaim aloof for accepting fun with it.

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