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  750 words or a little more Describe and altercate gender roles in the acceptable Chinese ancestors as apparent by accurate characters and situations in the afterward works of fiction: Golden Lotus (Jin Ping Mei), Story of the Stone( Cao Xueqin, tr. David Hawkes, Story of the Stone Volume 1: The Golden Days. 1973. Paperback. Penguin ISBN-13 978-0-140-44293  ) and ONE of the afterward selections from Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook, 238-255. 54: Ancestors Instructions 55: Concubines 56: Widows Loyal Unto Death (have to use all three texts to abutment your opinions) When you adduce from Ebrey, amuse accommodate the appellation of the commodity you’re quoting, not aloof “Ebrey.”  FORMAT: Your cardboard should acquire a allusive title, which should arise on a abstracted appellation folio with your name, the advance cardinal (HUM 530), and the due date. Amuse bifold space, cardinal the pages and use 1” allowance settings and a 12-point, calmly clear typeface. Proofread anxiously for errors in logic, organization, grammar, and spelling. Do not duke in your aboriginal draft--it should be a additional abstract at the actual least. SOURCES AND CITATION: This is NOT a analysis paper.  It’s a acknowledgment paper.  In the humanities, you apprentice to accomplish analytic arguments based on your own responses to primary sources, including novels, poetry, film, beheld arts, music, and alternative forms of artistic expression. Therefore, in your affidavit you should adduce or accredit to alone abstracts assigned in the course, which you should adduce actual briefly (author, appellation and folio numbers only, in parentheses in the anatomy of the text.) Do not accommodate quotations in your minimum chat count, and do not use alternative sources, whether they are book or online.  I will not acquire your cardboard if you do.

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