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 Please use the absorbed abstracts to complete the abbreviate paper. The Song of Roland, a attitude of articulate tales that was assuredly accounting bottomward about the year 1100, and the Lancelot story, accounting bottomward by Chrétien de Troyes in almost 1170, blab altered facets of the arresting or feudal code, the cipher of behavior that emerged about the year 1100 in Western Europe and that portrayed an ideal set of ethics for noblemen warriors.  Roland portrays a adult apple of adventurous warriors who accomplish their lives to attention their superiors, while the Lancelot adventure portrays a feminized apple area men abide themselves absolutely to the women they love.   Write a cardboard of a minimum of 200 words anecdotic the adult or feminine characteristics of the bodies and the artifice in anniversary story.  You ability anticipate of Roland actuality accounting for a adult audience, and Lancelot actuality accounting for a changeable audience.  If that is true, again how do these belief address to both of those audiences?  Are there areas area the ethics of anniversary adventure battle with the ethics of the other?

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