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 Hide Submission Folder InformationSubmission FolderShort Cardboard OneInstructions Short Cardboard One This cardboard will be about Social Classes and how American films represent them application the advice begin in this chic and acclamation the questions below.  The cardboard should be 2 -3 pages, bifold space, 11-12 point font.  Title pages, graphs, pictures and the "Films Mentioned" area will not calculation against the breadth of the paper. Choose at atomic two American films that represents added than one class. One blur should accept been produced above-mentioned to 1960.  One blur should accept been produced from 1980 to the present.  They can be from any genre. Answer the afterward questions. What do you accede your own chic continuing to be and why? Do you see chic representation in the movies you watched in means that bout accurately your own acquaintance of class? Explain your answer. Do you see any stereotypes about chic or assertive associates of a chic in these movies? Create a “Films Mentioned” area at the end of your cardboard and use the “Style Guide” begin in the Syllabus content. ____________________________________________________________________-- Short Affidavit - Use the afterward Appearance Guide in "Films Mentioned" area at the end of anniversary of the two Short Papers. Points will be absent if the blur advice is not at the end of your papers. STYLE GUIDE Title. Year. Director(s). Screenwriters (This would be those who wrote the absolute screenplay). Starring (Include the names of at atomic the top three billed actors/actresses). Note any awards the director, screenwriter(s) or stars won afterwards their names. Awards: (Any Awards and Nominations for the blur not already mentioned. If there are any Oscar or Golden Globe awards or nominations, those are the alone ones you accept to include. If there are alternative awards, such as blur anniversary awards, you may acknowledgment those). Genre. Rating. See archetype below. Amadeus. 1984. Director: Milos Forman (Oscar). Screenplay: Peter Shaffer (Oscar). Starring: F. Murray Abraham (Oscar), Tom Hulce (Oscar Nomination) and Elizabeth Berridge. Awards: 1985 Oscar for Best Picture with four alternative Oscars and two alternative nominations. Genre: Biographic, Drama, Music. Rating: R. FINAL PROJECTS The Final Project is to use a able commendation according to the appearance you are application back autograph your two papers, the bibliography in date two and the Final paper. For example, if you are application Chicago appearance it should attending like this: Title of Work. Format. Directed Firstname Lastname. Original Absolution Year. City: Studio/Distributor, Video absolution year. Medium. Joe Versus the Volcano. Directed by John Patrick Shanley. 1990. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, 2002. DVD.

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