Short Essays on Choreographic Music Videos

For this alternation of essays, do some assay on choreography as a concept. Get to apperceive the intricacies abaft how and why it's done - not aloof video choreography, but choreography on television and blur as well. With that ability in mind, I appetite you to watch three altered videos which use a choreographic achievement as the video's capital agent to advertise the song that is actuality answer in the video. Once you accept watched three altered choreographic music videos, I appetite you to alarmingly assay the whys, the hows, and the whats abaft the acceptation of anniversary video's choreography and what the purpose of the choreography is in affiliation to the song, the song's meaning, and the artist. This will advance up to a best appointment abutting week, so it's actual important for you to apperceive as abundant as accessible about the abstraction of choreography. What I appetite actuality is for you to acquaint me not what they're doing, but what this choreography agency for the all-embracing video. You can aces any video you like except Childish Gambino's This Is America. For anniversary video, address one page, single-spaced, minimum. But this should be submitted as ONE DOCUMENT. In alternative words, abridge all three analyses into one document. More than one book will not be accustomed in Canvas so amuse accomplish abiding to do this correctly. Use MLA architecture to adduce the video and any alternative sources you use to accumulate advice for your analysis. The afterward agreeable is accomplice provided

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