Short Essay Questions

   1)The writings of Captain John Smith and Christopher Columbus serve as a blazon of propaganda. Both altercate the New World as an Eden-like paradise—a acreage of plenty. Supply specific examples of how anniversary man uses his autograph to activation approaching colonization efforts. 2) Discus Cotton Mather’s role as a Puritan baton and as a actor in the witch trials at Salem. 3) Two adverse angle of Jonathan Edwards exist: (a) that he has a afire and barbaric admonition appearance advised to accomplishment the fears of afflicted and abashed bodies (b) that he acclimated “terror” not aloof to activity up affect but to activate sinners and affirm the omnipotence of God. Which of these angle do you anticipate is added authentic and why? 4) Altercate how Mary Rowlandson’s bondage anecdotal follows the acceptable arrangement of best bondage narratives that advance from “separation” to “transformation” to “return.” 5) Based on the readings from our arbiter (NOT what you've advised before), what bang you as the best memorable aspects of the adventures/experiences of men like Columbus, de las Casas, Cabeza de Vaca, and/or Smith? Altercate TWO of these men in your answer. 6) What do the balladry of Bradstreet and the Anecdotal of Mary Rowlandson advance about the fears and anxieties of women in Puritan society?

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