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Do you anticipate a writer’s arcane works can be acclimated as reliable sources for cogent her activity story? Use examples from Li Qingzhao’s lyrics (ci 詞), and what you accept abstruse of her activity from her “Postface on Inscriptions on Bronze and Stone” (L8:1), to altercate whether you anticipate Li’s lyrics are annal of her absolute adventures and feelings, or works of imagination, or a admixture of both. 1. acknowledgment the catechism actuality asked in full;  2. appearance that you accept apprehend the primary texts; adapt by sitting bottomward with the texts to apprehend through them anxiously and accomplish notes;  3. appearance that you are accumulation your own account with what you accept heard in the lectures and apprehend in the annotation in the textbook; you do not charge to use footnotes—you can artlessly address “As was mentioned in lecture...” or “As I apprehend in the textbook...”;  4. accredit to specific primary texts to abutment your points—exact quotations are not necessary; you may digest or adduce texts in added accepted terms.  Your article will be graded application the afterward scheme:  3 pts Clarity of announcement (spelling, grammar, paragraphs, structure)  6 pts Account and credibility fabricated answering the question  6 pts Analysis (supporting credibility with advertence to the texts) 3pages 

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