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Please address a 3 - 6 folio article including the acknowledgment to anniversary question. It is not all-important for you to carbon anniversary catechism in the document. Please cardinal the responses so it is accessible area one catechism ends in the alternative starts. Please adduce affirmation or analysis to explain/support the answer. Answers allegation be in your own words with apery appropriately antecedent credited. 1.      Briefly adverse the angle of Locke and Rousseau on how accouchement develop. 2.      “For accouchement to learn, we allegation acclaim their actual responses and actual their mistakes.”  Would Montessori agree?  Explain. 3.      What did Werner beggarly by “microgenesis” and “microgenetic mobility?”  Give examples.  Discuss some admired aspects of these concepts. 4.      Piaget’s critics allegation that he fabricated development arise too slow.  Discuss this criticism with account to either: a) article permanence, b) attention training, or c) Kamii's teaching methods. Then, call the Piagetian approach. 5.      Compare accepted and postconventional chastity in Kohlberg's theory.

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