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   1. "Business Processes" Please acknowledge to the following: · Per the textbook, to annihilate or abate non-value-added assignment is a amount footfall in convalescent advantage or ability of the business process. Give your assessment on whether or not you accede or disagree with this account and accommodate one (1) archetype of a business action which supports or criticizes the above account to abutment your position.  · Determine at atomic two (2) challenges in anecdotic Opportunity for Improvements (OFIs). Suggest at atomic one (1) action that business administration can use to abate the challenges in question. Provide a account to abutment your suggestion.  2. Use the abstracts in the table in the book and acknowledgment the afterward questions in the amplitude provided below: What are the sources of value-added and non-value-added assignment in this process? Where are the capital opportunities to advance the aeon time of this process, with account to both absolute time acclimated and the abeyant best times? What action would you use? Step 10: Resolve Open Issues appropriate 104 hours (potential) against 106 hours (actual). Is there an OFI here? Why or why not? If so, how would you advance it? What do you anticipate are the best difficult analytical issues to accord with back designing a complete aeon time abstraction such as this one?

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