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   1. Discuss why Operations Research (Decision Sciences, Quantitative Analysis, etc.) is an important breadth of abstraction for approaching managers/leaders.  2. Discuss the accomplish in the botheration analytic process. 3. Discuss the basal assumptions of beeline programming models. 4. Explain the aberration amid a achievable band-aid and an optimal solution. 5. Graphically, what is the aberration amid access and a abuse problem? 6. Discuss the account of beeline programming in three (3) business applications. 7. Discuss the accent of acuteness assay in analytic beeline programming problems. 8. What is a adumbration price? 9. Briefly call how to antithesis busline problems that are unbalanced. 10. Discuss the computational difficulties associated with analytic accumulation beeline programming problems. 11. What is the aberration amid an cold action and a goal? 12. Is there an optimum band-aid to a ambition programming or assorted cold beeline programming problem. 13. Discuss the capital differences amid beeline programming and non-linear programming problems. 14. What would you do to acquisition the all-around optimal band-aid to a difficult non-linear programming problem?

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