Shedding Light in the Shadow of Misconceptions

With a sad heart, I acknowledgment the above catechism with yes.  Islam is beheld afield by abounding bodies in this globalized world.  Sometimes, it is generally dubbed as the adoration consort by the terrorists o extremists. But not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims. The media abstract and somewhat vilified the angel of Islam added afterwards the September 11 event. But are these accusations and perceptions all true? Misconceptions about the adoration abide to accomplish fear, acerbity and acumen amid apprenticed minds. This cardboard aims to afford a little ablaze on the three accepted misconceptions about Islam involving women, Jesus Christ, and the declared use of brand in overextension the religion. It aims to back the bulletin to the country’s non-Muslim population. Firstly, non-Muslims anticipation that Islam degrades women by classifying them as backdrop or as cheap citizens. The angle is wrong. The Qur’an upholds and esteems women; they are not admired as angry temptress. Women’s rights were affirmed by the Islamic Law over 1,400 years ago. Islam allows women to own properties, accomplish a business and accept according pay for work.  History tells us that about 50 years ago, women in both England and America were not accustomed to access any acreage after the accord and signature of their husbands or father. Likewise, Islam women can’t be affected to ally adjoin their will. Islam women are not bedfast beneath the veil, as abounding see it. The clothes serve as aegis adjoin any awful ambition stemming from a man’s sight. Flaunting a anatomy invites abduction and harassment; it is accordingly analytic for a Muslim woman to blanket herself with cover.  Abounding Muslim women about the apple are in top positions.  Consider the backward Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan. Isn’t she the apotheosis of Muslim woman empowerment? Women are highly-valued, cared for and admired in Islamic society.  In addition, Islam chock-full the age-old Arab convenance of killing bairn daughters.  Such is the exceptional accustomed by Islam on women or adolescent girls. Beneath Islam, both sexes are advised fairly. Secondly, alternative bodies appearance Islam as adjoin Jesus Christ. But to a Muslim, Jesus Christ is a abundant prophet. Muslims account and adulation Jesus. Muslims alarm him as Nabi Isa – the Arabic appellation for Astrologer Jesus. The Qur’an speaks about him and admonishes Muslim to accept in his abstinent bearing and miracles. It charge be remembered that Muslims are not advancing Jesus Christ back they allege adjoin the Bible or Christianity. Muslims are aloof criticizing some claims of Christians.  However, Muslims adios the abstraction of Trinity and the canon of Incarnation.  In a Muslim’s heart, Jesus Christ charcoal the abundant astrologer who performed acceptable accomplishments and miracles to abounding people. Lastly, non-Muslims were accomplished that Islam advance through the use of sword. It charge be acclaimed that Muslims are accomplished by the Qur’an on non-compulsion in religion.  If Islam was advance by the sword, again best of India, China and alike added than bisected of the apple should be beneath Islam by now.  India charcoal a predominantly Hindu country and China, a antipathetic republic. Islamic traders went through altered places to accompany business but did not annihilate or force bodies to be adapted to Islam. The bodies were afflicted by the traders’ activity that they adopted the adoration which they have.  In contrast, history attests to the abandon and barbarous killings by alternative religions, such as the Crusades, in arrogant attack to catechumen people. Furthermore, according to the Reader’s Digest, for a aeon of 50 years, from 1944 to 1984, added bodies adapted to Islam than in any alternative faith. Now, were they threatened to be dead or affected to be converted?  Islam agency acquiescence and those who chose to be a Muslim, did so volitionally, out of their chargeless will. The above-mentioned are aloof a few amid the abounding misconceptions about Islam. Still, abundant of the world’s altruism has acrimony appear the adoration or its followers. For addition to accept Islam, one has to accessible his or eyes. Acumen charge be abeyant aboriginal to see that Islam is added than a religion, but a way of life. It is a activity of acquiescence to the will of God. Muslims are not enemies. Like us, they are additionally bodies in charge of accepting and belonging. Like any alternative religions, Islam charge be respected, too.  If one would booty the time to abstraction and accept its teachings, alone again will he o she would be able to actual the misconceptions on the religion.        

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