Share the Music

WK5 Assignment: Share the Music Watch two videos featuring the achievement of a twentieth aeon music composition. Your choices charge be from the twentieth aeon classical tradition, such as solo, agreeable or alcove music performances, not pop, rock, or jazz. Amuse agenda that this appointment is not a 20th aeon achievement of music from the Classical era - acceptance should watch videos of music that was composed in the twentieth century. The music called for this appointment needs to accept been accounting in the twentieth century, so it is important to not accept music that was composed afore the twentieth century. You can either accept two compositions accounting by the aforementioned artisan or a agreement from two altered twentieth aeon composers. If you are not abiding if your choices fit the requirements, be abiding to ask in the Questions cilia or by sending a claimed bulletin to your instructor. The afterward is a account of accessible choices for composers for this assignment. You are not appropriate to accept a artisan from this account as continued as your choices are composers from the twentieth century.   Jeanne Demessieux Harry T. Burleigh William Grant Still Arnold Bax Ralph Vaughan Williams Sergei Rachmaninoff Gustav Holst Arvo Pärt Henry Balfour Gardiner Gerald Finzi Nadia Boulanger Lili Boulanger Benjamin Britten Marcel Dupré Charles Ives Manuel de Falla Claude Debussy Maurice Ravel Augusta Read Thomas Bela Bartok Leonard Bernstein Aaron Copland Igor Stravinsky Arnold Schoenberg John Adams Dorothy Rudd Moore Philip Glass Morton Feldman Dmitri Shostakovich Ruth Crawford Seeger (Ruth Porter Crawford) Pierre Boulez Terry Riley For anniversary of the two videos, altercate how anniversary agreement reflects the six basics of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, timbre, and form. You can accredit to “Tools” in the advance argument for abundant advice about anniversary of these agreeable terms. Amuse additionally abode how the composer's music reflects the ability and/or time aeon in which he or she lived. Be abiding to accommodate links to the videos in your response. The videos should be cited in the anatomy of the argument and in a advertence page.   There is no specific chat calculation claim for this appointment - aloof be abiding you are acclamation all of the appropriate elements. This cardboard should be accounting in branch anatomy application complete sentences with a bright accession and conclusion. In accession to these elements, amuse be abiding to accomplish the Requirements for Writing Assignments, including commendation all sources (including the performances) both in the anatomy of the argument and in a advertence page. Amuse agenda that MLA is the accepted commendation appearance in the humanities. Here are some acceptable sources of advice for Evaluating Online Resources, Commendation Sources, and Writing & Grammar Resources. Papers will be evaluated according to the afterward Short Cardboard allocation iRubric. Amuse analysis and advance this allocation explanation in adjustment to aerate credibility becoming on this assignment. 

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