Seven Wonders

About a hundred years afterwards the Statue of Zeus came the Temple of Artemis. It was congenital in the age-old burghal of Ephesus, or avant-garde day Turkey. The artist Theodorus apparently congenital the absurd temple, and he best acceptable did so to account the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Artemis. Tragically, a man called Herostratus set the Temple of Artemis on blaze forth with a accumulation of Goths in an attack to accept his name go bottomward in history. He managed to do so and burghal admiral approved to accomplish a new law advertence that if any one aborigine of Ephesus mentioned his name, they would accept the afterlife penalty; the attack failed. All of adoration at this point beneath because Artemis did not assure her temple. The anatomy as able-bodied as the adventure is terrific. Measuring about three hundred anxiety by one hundred fifty feet, and the one hundred twenty seven columns anniversary accepting a heighth of about sixty feet, one can calmly see how the Temple of Artemis' agency of architecture are a complete mistery. Theodorus congenital the columns so that they had accommodation to the animal body. Aside from that, it was completed about 440 B. C. and took about one hundred twenty years to build. Such arduous man activity allocate this temple as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Contemporary to the Temple of Artemis was the Mausoleum, which was amid in Halicarnassus, or present day Turkey. It all began back Mausolus took over with Artemisia. In 353 B. C. , Mausolus died, abrogation his wife Artemisia, who was additionally his sister, abundantly depressed. In account of Mausolus, she absitively to body him the "most baroque tomb in the accepted world. " The Mausoleum decidedly managed to abide complete afterwards over sixteen centuries. It went through abounding hardships and chancy situations, one actuality the administration of Alexander the Great, and yet somehow never fell apart. It did, however, eventually collapse back a astringent arrangement of earthquakes anesthetized in the fifteenth century. Unlike the alternative "Wonders of the World," this architecture did not await on size, but rather on adorableness to bolt the eyes of avant-garde people. That is to say, the Mausoleum was so admirable and different that it became one of the Seven Wonders of the Age-old World.

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