Seven Eleven Case

http://zh. scribd. com/doc/45901851/Study-Questions-2 Questions 1. A CONVENIENCE STORE CHAIN ATTEMPTS TO BE RESPONSIVE AND PROVIDECUSTOMERS WHAT THEY NEED, WHEN THEY NEED IT, WHERE THEY NEED IT. WHAT ARESOME DIFFERENT WAYS THAT A CONVENIENCE STORE SUPPLY CHAIN CAN BERESPONSIVE? WHAT ARE SOME RISKS IN EACH CASE? 1. 1 As admiration increases, the accessibility abundance alternation is apparent to greater uncertainty. A accessibility abundance alternation can advance admiration to this ambiguity application one of the afterward strategies, abnormally for beginning and fast foods: Local Capacity. The accessibility abundance alternation can accommodate bounded affable accommodation at the aliment and accumulate foods about on demand. Account would be stored as raw material. This is apparent at the U. S. fast-food restaurant authorization Subway breadth banquet and cafeteria sandwiches are accumulated on demand. The capital accident with this access is that accommodation is decentralized, arch to poorer utilization. Bounded Inventory. Another access is to accept all account accessible at the abundance at all times. This allows for the absorption of affable capacity. The capital accident is anachronistic account and the charge for added space. Accelerated Replenishment. Another access is to set up accelerated bushing and accumulation the aliment with what they charge aback they charge it. This allows for absorption of affable accommodation and low levels of inventory, but increases the bulk of bushing and receiving. 1. 2 As admiration increases, the accessibility abundance alternation is apparent to greater uncertainty. A accessibility abundance alternation can advance admiration to this ambiguity application one of the afterward strategies, abnormally for beginning and fast foods:1. Bounded Capacity. The accessibility abundance alternation can accommodate bounded affable accommodation at the aliment and accumulate foods about on demand. Account would be stored as raw material. This is apparent at the U. S. fast-food restaurant authorization Subway breadth banquet and cafeteria sandwiches are accumulated on demand. The capital accident with this access is that accommodation is decentralized, arch to poorer utilization. 2. Bounded Account Another access is to accept all account accessible at the abundance at all times. This allows for the absorption of affable capacity. The capital accident is anachronistic account and the charge for added space. . Accelerated Bushing Another access is to set up accelerated bushing and accumulation the aliment with what they charge aback they charge it. This allows for absorption of affable accommodation and low levels of inventory, but increases the bulk of bushing and receiving. From the case study, Seven-eleven Japan Co. had provided their barter a array of account that is aberration acknowledging way from accepted accessibility abundance concept. 1. 7dream. comSeven-Eleven Japan accustomed an e-commerce accession which their chump can accept the artefact at home and aces the artefact at the store. Because from the survey, 92% of its barter adopted to aces up their online acquirement at the bounded accessibility abundance rather than accept them delivered at home. Aback Seven-Eleven Japan accept the administration arrangement that conforms with these bead and aces up system. So Seven-Eleven serve as declivity and accumulating credibility for Japanese people. Instead of accouterment barter at that time the charge is happen, the barter can accept the artefact at home and afresh aces up the artefact after at the store. The accident of this case is commonly Seven-Eleven Japan accustomed this arrangement as a way to acquire account from the absolute administration system. If in the approaching this arrangement is accepted amid the Japanese, the accommodation of the absolute administration arrangement may not be abundant to serve the barter such as a amplitude to accumulator the appurtenances cat-and-mouse for barter to aces up (the abundance in Japan is abate than another country)2. In-Store Acquittal Instead of affairs domiciliary goods, aliment and groceries, a accessibility abundance can be acknowledging as a acquittal spot. Seven-Eleven Japan add a array of casework that barter can access at its aliment for archetype an in-store acquittal of Tokyo Electric Power bills, gas, allowance premiums, and telephone. In adjustment to admiring millions of added barter every year and booty advantage of aperture hour and cardinal of aliment to account customer. The accident of this case is aback the accession accept this account every Seven-Eleven abundance Japan accept to articulation with the abstracts of the acquittal such as electric bill. If the advisers not absolutely accept how the ystem works, he or she will misunderstand and booty too continued to serve customer. Result in lower chump achievement and can articulation to all-embracing cast dissatisfaction. Some chump will stop affairs at Seven-Eleven because the continued cat-and-mouse time. 2. SEVEN-ELEVEN'S SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGY IN JAPAN CAN BE DESCRIBED ASATTEMPTING TO MICRO-MATCH SUPPLY AND DEMAND USING RAPID REPLENISHMENT. WHAT ARE SOME RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CHOICE? 2. 1The capital accident for Seven-Eleven is the potentially aerial bulk of busline and accepting at stores. 2. By application accelerated bushing system, Seven-Eleven Japan abundance can administer lower account in the abundance and college shelf amplitude available. This fit for Seven-Eleven in Japan because of abate admeasurement of the store. But it still accept some accident in case of a actual fluctuated demand, aback the appeal accession to a actual aerial akin the account that the abundance banal ability not be abundant to serve barter demand. This bearings will advance to accident of a auction and lower customer’s satisfaction. The accelerated bushing is a bulk abstraction to angular thinking. It’s how you can administer the breeze of account and how you can abbreviate the aeon time amid anniversary delivery. Which beggarly seven eleven will bear added generally and the abundance of the artefact amid anniversary bear will depend on the appeal of the chump that anticipation from the Point Of Auction and antecedent Data. It accustomed seven eleven to be able to ascendancy their account akin because aback they bear added generally they can bear aloof few amounts at a time. Therefore there are additionally some risks associated with this system. First, alike admitting the accelerated bushing is a acceptable arrangement but the bulk of replenishing and accepting is high. It’s because the arrangement that crave to put the accelerated bushing become efficient, for archetype they accept to install the point of auction arrangement to accomplish the auction advice to the dc and supplier so they can bear the acceptable that fit for the blind demand. For the accepting they additionally accept to accept the artefact scanner to browse the artefact aback it arrives to the store. All of that accessories that’s adapted will accession the bulk of the replenishing and receiving. Furthermore, the accepting bulk additionally aerial because of the cardinal of the commitment that college too. Second, alike admitting accelerated bushing helps seven eleven to advance their account akin that drive by the appeal of the customer, to save their account cost. Sometime it ability be accident in the abbreviate of inventory(backlogs) because aback seven eleven approved to micro bout the appeal and supply, seven eleven accept to await on the accomplished purchasing abstracts and the point of auction data. To be able to accomplish the appeal anticipation to bear the artefact to anniversary of seven eleven alternation store. What if the appeal has become so adapt to the point that it over their account level, that time seven eleven will be ache from the abandoned shelf. As you apperceive that the admired items from seven eleven are such as lunchbox, rice brawl and sandwich, so best acceptable if the chump appear during the aerial appeal won’t accept the aliment to consume. So best acceptable the chump will go to another accessibility abundance to buy the aliment to serve their charge in that blind time. If this book appear added that few time, the chump best acceptable to about-face the acceptable store. That’s why this is additionally the accident that seven eleven has to face and try to affected in adjustment to advance their aggressive advantage. Third, the accident that they accept to face is that they will not accept the economics of calibration in assembly because aback they administer the accelerated replenishment, the suppliers will alone aftermath the artefact to bout the charge of the abundance aback they charge it. They won’t aftermath the aforementioned account for the ample amount, which is if they aftermath in that way they won’t accept to ache from the set up bulk in anniversary accumulation that they accept to produce. Fourth, alike admitting the accelerated bushing will lower the busline but seven eleven still accept to affair about the gas bulk because if the gas bulk accession it will afresh access their operation cost. Afresh afresh seven eleven won’t be able to accession their artefact bulk to serve that bulk too due to the allurement antagonism in the accessibility market. Fifth, Due to the arrangement that aback the trucks bear the artefact to the store, there will be alone the abundance bodies who browse and assay the artefact in to the system. There will be no way of audition the feud. The bushing arrangement formed on assurance and did not crave the commitment being to be present aback the abundance cadre scanned in the delivery. This is a actual chancy arrangement because abundance cadre may stoles the products. It can account accession accident in a million. 3. WHAT HAS SEVEN-ELEVEN DONE IN ITS CHOICE OF FACILITY LOCATION, INVENTORYMANAGEMENT, TRANSPORTATION, AND INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE TO DEVELOPCAPABILITIES THAT SUPPORT ITS SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGY IN JAPAN? 3 .1 All choices fabricated by Seven-Eleven are structured to lower its busline and accepting costs. For example, its area-dominance action of aperture at atomic 50 to 60 aliment in an breadth helps with business butalso lowers the bulk of replenishment. All accomplishment accessories are centralized to get the best account of accommodation accession and additionally lower the entering busline bulk from the architect to thedistribution centermost (DC). Seven-Eleven additionally requires all suppliers to bear to the DC breadth articles aresorted by temperature. This reduces the outbound busline bulk because of accession of deliveriesacross assorted suppliers. It additionally lowers the accepting cost. The advice basement is set up to allowstore managers to abode orders based on assay of burning data. The advice basement alsofacilitates the allocation of an adjustment at the DC and accepting of the adjustment at the store. The key point toemphasize actuality is that best decisions by Seven-Eleven are structured to accumulated busline andreceiving to accomplish both cheaper. 3 .2 ? Filling in the absolute map of Japan is not our priority. Instead, we attending for appeal breadth Seven-Eleven storesalready exist, based on our axiological breadth ascendancy action of apperception aliment in specific areas.? hisabove account apparent that to ensure that the abutment of Seven-Eleven Japan¶s ability breadth to its accumulation alternation strategy, Seven-Eleven Japan has based its axiological arrangement amplification action on a bazaar dominancestrategy. Wherever Seven-Eleven Japan entries into any new market, it was congenital about a array of 50 ± 60 storessupported by a administration center. The capital acumen of applying array strategy, it is that absorption gave Seven-Eleven Japan a high-density bazaar attendance and accustomed it to accomplish an able administration system. There areseveral allowances of implementing the market-dominance action including such as advocacy distributionefficiency, bigger cast awareness, accretion the arrangement efficiency, acceptable ability of authorization supportservices, convalescent announcement adequacy and preventing competitors¶ access into the ascendant area. For account management, what Seven-Eleven Japan had done to advance adequacy that abutment its accumulation alternation action is to action its aliment a best from a set of 5,000 banal befitting units and anniversary abundance could backpack onaverage about 3,000 banal befitting units depending aloft the bounded chump demand. Seven-Eleven emphasizedregional merchandizing to baby absolutely to bounded preferences. Anniversary abundance carries aliment items, beverages,magazines, and chump items such as soaps, detergents, etc. The accomplished generated auction of Seven-Eleven is beneath aliment category, and beneath Seven-Eleven Japan concept, thefood items were classified in four ample categories including Algid items such as sandwiches, delicatessenproducts, and milk; Balmy items such as box lunches, rice balls, and beginning bread; Arctic items such as ice-cream,frozen foods, and ice cubes; and Room-temperature items such as canned food, burning noodles, and seasonings. The ability in managing the account of Seven Eleven Japan could be accepted by the resulted of account about-face bulk is according to over 50 aback comparing to the additional bigger Seven Eleven in the United States is alone about 17 in 2003. For busline or administration arrangement of Seven Eleven Japan, the arrangement was deeply affiliated the absolute accumulation alternation for all artefact categories as Seven Eleven administration centers and the advice arrangement played a key role in that regard. Its capital cold is to anxiously clue sales of items and action abbreviate bushing aeon times. In 1987, Seven Eleven Japan had offered three times circadian abundance commitment of all rice dishes and alert a day for freshfood. Its administration arrangement was adjustable abundant to adapt commitment schedules depending on chump demand. Aback a abundance placed an order, it was anon transmitted to the supplier as able-bodied as the administration center. The supplier accustomed orders from all Seven Eleven aliment and started assembly to ample the orders. The supplierthen beatific the orders by barter to the administration center. The key to abundance commitment was what Seven Eleven calledthe accumulated commitment system. At the administration center, commitment of like articles from altered suppliers was directed into a distinct temperaturecontrolled truck. There were four categories of temperature-controlled trucks such as arctic foods, algid food,room temperature candy foods, and balmy foods. The cardinal of aliment per barter depended on the sales volume. The arrangement formed on assurance and did not crave the commitment being to be present aback the storepersonnel scanned in the delivery; this helps to abate the commitment time spent at anniversary store. Based on theinformation, it apparent that Seven Eleven has continuously advance its busline and administration system,since 1974, there were 70 cartage visited anniversary abundance every day but after on in 1994, there were alone 11 vehiclesnecessary. This badly bargain commitment costs and enabled accelerated commitment of a array of beginning foods. In2004, Seven Eleven Japan had a absolute of 290 committed accomplishment plants throughout the country that alone produced fast aliment for Seven Eleven stores. The items were broadcast through 293 committed distributioncenters that ensure accelerated and reliable delivery. None of there administration centers agitated any inventory, they alone transferred account from supplier trucks to Seven Eleven administration trucks. Transfleet Ltd. , a accession set up by Mitsui and Co. for absolute use of Seven Eleven Japan, provided this transportation. For advice infrastructure, Seven Eleven Japan attributed a cogent allotment of its success to the TotalInformation Arrangement installed in every aperture arrangement bond the arch office, stores, and the Seven Elevendistribution centers. Until July 1991, alone a acceptable analog arrangement affiliated these chains. After on, anintegrated casework agenda arrangement or ISDN was installed, bond added than 5,000 stores; it became one of the world¶s bigger ISDN system. This arrangement enables Seven Eleven to collect, process, and augment aback point of salesdata quickly. Sales abstracts generated in anniversary aliment by 11. 0p. m. , was candy and accessible for assay the nextmorning. In 1997, Seven Eleven Japan was alien its fifth bearing of the Absolute Advice System, which was stillin use in 2004, the accouterments arrangement included as the following; Clear Adjustment Terminal, this was a handleddevice with a wide-screen clear display, use by the abundance buyer or administrator to abode the order. Already all theorders were placed, the terminal was alternate to its slot, at which point the orders were relayed by the storecomputer to both the adapted bell-ringer and the Seven Eleven administration center. Scanned Terminal, thesescanners apprehend bar codes and recorded inventory. They were acclimated to accept artefact advancing in from a administration center. This was afresh automatically arrested adjoin a advanced placed adjustment and the two were reconciled. Thisscanner terminal was additionally acclimated aback analytical account at stores. Abundance Computer, this affiliated to the ISDN network, the POS register, the clear adjustment terminal, and the scannerterminal. It announced amid the assorted ascribe sources, tracked abundance account and sales, places orders,provided abundant assay of POS data, and maintained and adapted abundance equipment. POS register; this POSdata was automatically transmitted online to a host computer. All sales abstracts calm by 11. 00p. m. was organizedand accessible for assay by the abutting morning. The abstracts was evaluated on a accession wide, district, and abundance basis. Due to Seven Eleven done in its best of advice basement to advance adequacy that abutment its accumulation alternation strategy, the advice arrangement accustomed Seven Eleven abundance to bigger bout accumulation with demand. Storestaff could acclimatize the affairs mix on the shelves according to burning patterns throughout the day. The identification of apathetic and non-moving items additionally accustomed a abundance to catechumen shelf amplitude to acquaint new items. 4. SEVEN-ELEVEN DOES NOT ALLOW DIRECT STORE DELIVERY IN JAPAN, WITH ALLPRODUCTS FLOWING THROUGH ITS DISTRIBUTION CENTER. WHAT BENEFIT DOES SEVEN-ELEVEN DERIVE FROM THIS POLICY? WHEN IS DIRECT STORE DELIVERY MOREAPPROPRIATE? 4. 1 Absolute abundance commitment (DSD) would lower the appliance of the outbound trucks from the Seven-ElevenDC. It would additionally access the accepting costs at the aliment because of the added deliveries. Thus,Seven-Eleven armament all suppliers to appear in through the DC. DSD is best adapted aback aliment arelarge and nearly-full barter bulk quantities are advancing from a supplier to a store. This was the case, for example, in ample U. S. Home Depot stores. For abate aliment it is about consistently benign to accept anintermediate accession point to lower the bulk of freight. In fact, Home Depot itself is ambience up theseintermediate accessories for its new aliment that are generally smaller. 4. There has been advantageous advantage of Seven-Eleven aloft CDC and DSD as the centers acquiesce cutting of administration operation to the aliment and the accouterment of bigger affection and bigger advice on accumulation anddeliveries is accessible and there was ascendancy of the accumulation alternation as achieved. The attendance of technology like theadaptation of the POS arrangement can possibly move advanced and do aid the abundance application and managementsituation by absolution up agents time. Seven-Eleven U. S. has amorphous acquaint the Accumulated Administration Centermost circadian commitment of fresh-prepared foodsaround 2000. By partnering with assorted aliment companies, the accessibility banker will be able to action fresh-made-daily and delivered-fresh-daily pastries, gourmet sandwiches, wraps, entrees, as able-bodied as another perishableand ready-to-eat foods already a day. This was a claiming because the CDCs are operated by several altered third-party partners, and Seven-Eleven acquainted it did not accept able metrics for comparing achievement to a reliable benchmark. This was due to abounding factors, including altered ability sizes, architecture layouts and the array of articles handled by anniversary CDC. pros y Added choices to barter in decaying consuming. Seven-Eleven can add another specialty items to its selectionsuch as bake-apple salads, melancholia accomplished and cut fruit, fresh-squeezed juices and aftermath from a farmer¶s market. Theconsumers can calmly get the beginning decaying articles abreast their house. y Circadian commitment agency aloof that Seven-Eleven aliment can abode orders to the CDC and get beginning artefact by sortingfor commitment to aliment at every night y With the company¶s proprietary retail advice system, anniversary abundance can adapt its adjustment to accommodate the exactitems the barter in their adjacency want. Accepting beneath deliveries to your abundance during the day. In this advantages, the aliment no charge to decay the time tocheck through anniversary commitment because all bare articles will be set up and accumulated aback the DistributionCenters. y Expedite business for bounded aliment companies, which can now accomplish one commitment to a axial breadth fordistribution to bounded stores. y Abate the captivation Account Cost. Aliment can adjustment aloof the bulk they advertise in a day or two, so they don¶t haveproduct sitting about on the shelves. That agency that they can agreement the bloom in the perishableproducts at Seven-Eleven. y The staffs are able to consolidate assignment and absorb added time with your customers, growing your business. As they will assay the banal and abode the adjustment to the CDC and accept the artefact at night. y The suppliers can commitment in ample bulk with one abounding barter bulk as there has a abundance big abundant to accumulate theproducts with the adjustment to accumulate the artefact best and still perish. C ons y Abundant lower body (hence best distance) of U. S. Seven-Eleven stores. Deliver a few artefact accustomed may application too abundant bulk with the best ambit of anniversary branch. Charge to access density, alike admitting ambience upown arrangement alone abate problems by eliminating delivers y Access busline bulk at aliment because of added delivers. As Administration Centers charge to bear theproduct accustomed with a few amounts in adjustment to accumulate the bloom of the product. y Losing the economics of calibration advantages, as Seven-Eleven charge to adjustment the artefact accustomed in the feweramounts. y H igh costs of befitting the articles as some articles charge a specific temperature to accumulate them 5. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE 7DREAM CONCEPT FOR SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN? FROM A SUPPLY CHAIN PERSPECTIVE, IS IT LIKELY TO BE MORE SUCCESSFUL IN JAPANOR THE UNITED STATES? WHY? 7dream makes faculty accustomed that Japanese barter are blessed to accept their shipments at the localconvenience store. From a acumen perspective, online deliveries can aback aback on Seven-Eleven??? AaA? s absolute administration arrangement in Japan. Deliveries from the online supplier can be broughtto the DC breadth they are sorted forth with another deliveries destined for a store. This should access theutilization of outbound busline acceptance Seven-Eleven to action a lower bulk another to accepting a amalgamation carrier bear the artefact at home. The primary negatives are that 7dream will use up storagespace and crave the abundance to be able to retrieve specific bales for customers. One can altercate that the abstraction may be added acknowledged in Japan accustomed the absolute administration arrangement of Seven-Eleven and the abundance of visits by customers. Online commitment is able to articulation with the existingnetwork. The aerial appointment abundance ensures that bales are not application admired abundance shelf amplitude for forth time. Also, the common visits ensure that the bordering bulk to the chump of acrimonious up at aJapanese Seven-Eleven is small. This is beneath acceptable to be the case in the United States. 6. SEVEN-ELEVEN IS ATTEMPTING TO DUPLICATE THEIR SUCCESSFUL JAPANESE SUPPLYCHAIN STRUCTURE IN THE UNITED STATES WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF CDCS. WHATARE THE PROS AND CONS OF THIS APPROACH? KEEP IN MIND THAT STORES ARE ALSOREPLENISHED BY WHOLESALERS AND DSD BY MANUFACTURERS. The adversity of accompanying the Japan accumulation alternation anatomy in the United States follows primarily fromthe abundant lower body of U. S. Seven-Eleven stores. This is circuitous by the actuality that Seven-Elevenstores are accepting both absolute abundance deliveries as able-bodied as banker deliveries to its stores. Ambience up itsown DCs does not acquiesce Seven-Eleven to get the aforementioned akin of busline accession as it gets inJapan. Its own administration arrangement would advice added if all banker deliveries and absolute abundance deliverieswere chock-full and baffled through the DC. Even then, accepting its own administration arrangement would add muchless amount than in Japan accustomed the lower body of aliment and beyond ambit amid stores. 7. THE UNITED STATES HAS FOOD SERVICE DISTRIBUTORS LIKE MCLANE THAT ALSOREPLENISH CONVENIENCE STORES. WHAT ARE THE PROS AND CONS TO HAVING ADISTRIBUTOR REPLENISH CONVENIENCE STORES VERSUS A COMPANY LIKE SEVEN-ELEVEN MANAGING ITS OWN DISTRIBUTION FUNCTION? One can argue that a benefactor brings abundant added amount to the table in the United States about toJapan. Given the lower body of stores, a benefactor is able to accumulated deliveries beyond manycompeting stores. This allows a benefactor to ability levels of accession that cannot be accomplished by asingle alternation such as Seven-Eleven. The big disadvantage to accepting all deliveries done through a benefactor is that Seven-Eleven is clumsy to accomplishment accepting a ample cardinal of stores. In fact, it may be argued thatgoing through the benefactor has Seven-Eleven angel deliveries to aggressive abate chains that mayalso be application the aforementioned distributor.

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