setting up apache server on Centos 7

   Using centos 7 dum screen. Apache, perl and php installed. 1. I appetite to configure apache to run perl book in php to any user from alfresco the server. 2. Add a basic host entry a. Create abstracted logs files for your anew added basic host b. Basic host admission should point your IP and anchorage 8100 c. Create a new HTML Folio that says “Virtual Host Html Page” 3. Set the absence in the apache config to acquiesce .htm files 4. Appetite to configure apache to Write two altered html pages to allegorize the apache alias directive. (any html pages). a. When folio one is alleged via the URL folio two should open. Without application meta tags. 5.  Add an ENV capricious to your basic host admission and affectation the amount in and HTML Page. 6. Install a bobcat server 7. Create a distinct jsp folio with the FileName = firstjsp.jsp 8. attach a chat certificate that contains Only the aftermost 50 entries in the log file. we can use aggregation eyewitness app to admission admission to my apparatus so you can admission the basic server that I’m alive on .

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