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  DR. BECKETT’S DENTAL OFFICE OVERVIEW A dentist decides not to become a bloom aliment alignment (HMO) provider, because she feels like she cannot accommodate acceptable dental affliction for her patients at the agreement ante provided by the HMOs. With the admonition of a consultant, she decides to differentiate her convenance on the base of quality. As the dentist’s patients may be answerable fees that are not covered by their allowance policies, she charge argue them that her above affection offsets the added banking costs. She constructs a new appointment architecture and redesigns her absolute convenance to acquaint aerial affection to her patients, and to advance abundance through added efficiency. Questions - 1. Which of the seven elements of the casework business mix are addressed in this case? Accord examples of anniversary “P” you identify? 2. Evaluate Dr. Beckett’s website ( What strengths do you anticipate the website has? What improvements would you suggest? 3. What added casework are offered? How do they enhance account delivery? 4.  Contrast your own dental affliction adventures with those offered by Dr. Beckett’s practice. What differences do you see? Based on your analysis of this case, what admonition would you accord (a) to your accepted or above dentist, and (b) to Dr. Beckett? Write a minimum 5 folio cardboard with your answers, application APA 7 Format and consistently account your references.  as able-bodied added two questions 1.  What are the accomplish complex in developing a account blueprint? 2.  List and call the four accoutrement that managers can use to adviser their architecture of the account process.

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