Sequence Analysis of the Third Man

10/7/12 The Third Man Arrangement Analysis In Carol Reed’s The Third Man, the arrangement in which the badge and their bait, Holly, anxiously delay for the accession of their target, Harry, is abounding of all-overs and displayed through over 25 shots in beneath than 3 minutes. The arrangement captures the agitation and all-overs accomplished by all the characters through its quick cuts of abandoned streets, destroyed buildings, and aphotic shadows. The account of this arrangement heavily influences the affection and altered contemporary elements of the scene. Through this about bashful (almost no dialogue) segment, Reed brings the admirers into the arena through the perspectives of altered characters analysis the empty, quiet and aphotic burghal of Vienna for the man they are aggravating to capture, Harry Lime. The aboriginal attempt of this arrangement is a fade-in of the bistro in which Holly is clearing bottomward while cat-and-mouse for Harry. The signature zither music picks up afresh to announce the all-overs of patiently cat-and-mouse to complete a accoutrement that will acquiesce the badge to arrest a criminal. It afresh cuts to central the bistro area Holly anxiously sits and begins to attending alfresco the window analytical the ominous, abandoned streets of Vienna. This attempt is a prime archetype of the altered askance camera adjustment acclimated throughout the absolute film. In this shot, like several others, the anatomy is angled absolutely awkwardly. This address embodies the conception of a dark, odd and acute apple in which noir films took place. The abutting attempt takes us alfresco with a continued pan from larboard to right. This attempt puts us in the angle of Holly as he boring scopes out an abandoned street. This zoomed in pan accurately conveys Holly’s all-overs of Harry’s arrival, as he anxiously searches the artery for any signs of Harry. This cuts aback to Holly who is affective afterpiece to the window in adjustment to get a bigger attending bottomward the streets. Afresh a quick cut puts us aback to Holly’s angle of the artery and yet afresh we see a vacant, aphotic street. However this attempt is still and focuses on the Vienna statuary. The abutting cut is of a policeman ambuscade amid these statues. The bond of these two shots is a prime archetype of Carol Reed’s montage and ability alteration choices. Holly carefully looks at this landmark, which happens to be the police’s hideout. This allows the eyewitness to see the busy plan the badge accept created and be placed appropriate in the average of it. We are clumsy to see the badge from the angle of the affairs area but already zoomed in we can see them hidden in the base off the caliginosity created by these ample statues and columns. The attempt of the policeman hidden forth the bronze cuts bound to a attempt of a still, aphotic street. The angle afresh switches to that of the policeman. The abutting cut shows addition policeman, this time zoomed in on his face. This attempt has abundant added ablaze on the policeman’s face. It is a abutting up attempt from a lower viewpoint. This allows us to accept the altered placements and ambuscade spots of these badge admiral that are cat-and-mouse to abduction their target. This afresh cuts afresh to this policeman’s appearance of the street. This accelerated crosscutting of beeline shots abutting with angled shots of the policemen and their angle points, alongside the alarming strumming of the zither creates a actual apocalyptic and affecting ambience and mood. It places the eyewitness central the accoutrement as if we too are silently and anxiously analysis the war-torn streets of Vienna for Harry Lime. This cuts to a attempt that display’s Reed’s actual aspect of lighting. A badge administrator is placed in the centermost of the anatomy in profile. As he exhales, the easygoing lighting picks up the fog created by his balmy breath. This cuts afresh to the policeman’s angle point bottomward a dim alley. This cuts to addition attempt of a policeman with altered lighting. The lighting alone allows the eyewitness to see the policeman’s adenoids and below. His eyes and forehead are hidden by the adumbration of his hat, until he moves his eyes. The lighting allows us to see the whites of his eyes as they move from appropriate to larboard beyond the frame. Alone seeing his eyes as they move force us to chase his eyes and attending into his angle point that is apparent in the abutting attempt of addition abandoned road. This cuts to a abutting up of addition policeman’s face, area afresh the lighting picks up and reflects off of the fog. This bound cuts to addition abandoned artery view, which afresh bound cuts aback to Holly. This attempt of Holly is still angled awkwardly, alone now we see Holly impatiently arena with his cup. The attempt is important because it afresh shows us Holly’s arbitrary animosity appear the bearings he is in. Throughout the blur he has had adversity chief on whether or not to advice the badge accompany in his acquaintance Harry. This attempt of Holly shows the centralized agitation he is experiencing in the bald three abnormal it is seen. We afresh cut aback to the aboriginal badge administrator in the statuary. His adumbration is beautifully casting on the cavalcade abutting to him and our eyes are fatigued to it. We see his adumbration move as he notices something. This cuts to his angle point of a artery that is assuredly no best empty. A behemothic adumbration is arising alongside a building. The alarming adumbration stands two belief high. This creates a able activity of suspicion and fear, acquiescent an apprehension by admirers and the badge that the adumbration will be Harry. The afterimage of a humongous adumbration abutting abundantly increases the all-overs of the sequence. This cuts aback to the policeman in what proves to be one of the best cogent and well-filmed shots of the movie. It cuts to the aforementioned badge administrator who makes the aboriginal complete of the sequence; a simple “pssst”. This is to arresting that Lime is abutting to addition below. The camera pans bottomward beneath the officer, and zooms into a aphotic bend of the bronze covered by shadows. The lighting of this attempt is incredible. As the attempt zooms in to its abutting point, the lighting reveals the ambuscade Calloway and Paine as they absorb from the atramentous base of the statuary. Not alone is this attempt blithely lit, but it additionally displays the film’s ambience of corruption. The two arrant admiral are continuing beneath what was already admirable religious statuary. Post-war Vienna is annihilation like what it was and is now a depressing, crumbling, and base city. Afore the war, these admiral would accept been continuing in admirable religious architecture. Their actualization from the black caliginosity represents the post-war ruin and bribery of the already admirable burghal of Vienna. This afresh cuts aback to the abutting behemothic shadow, as it closes in on the intersection, blame the end of anticipation. The abutting attempt is of a policeman aptitude in to bolt a appearance of to whom this adumbration belongs. This bound cuts to a abbreviate attempt of Holly additionally aptitude in to try and get a glimpse. The attempt reinforces the all-overs and anxiety, and moral bind Holly is experiencing while cat-and-mouse to set up his friend. As the adumbration makes the final accomplish afore actuality revealed, the zither accent changes from the accepted addictive strumming to a comical, upbeat, acute progression. It is afresh appear that this adumbration is a simple airship salesman. The abrupt change in music absolutely rids all antecedent astriction as the airship vender makes his way about the corner. This attempt symbolizes Reed’s absurd beheld language. All of the shots arch up to this leave the eyewitness with annihilation but authoritativeness that this abutting adumbration will be Lime. We accept chased him bottomward afore through his caliginosity so there is no acumen to accept that the camera is arena a hoax on us. The eyewitness assuredly trusts the beheld storytelling, due to Reed’s absurd adumbration and shots. Carol Reed’s accelerated crosscuts are a altered tactic that delays the artifice of the film, alone to about-face all focus to the access in tension. The quick, abnormally angled shots accompany the eyewitness into the busy set-up, afterward anniversary badge administrator and Holly, forth with their corresponding angle credibility of the streets of Vienna as if we too are analytic for Lime. This arrangement proves to be able and suspenseful, as able-bodied as a absolute absorption of Carol Reed’s brilliance. He is able to accent the all-overs of the blur decidedly through his busy camera work, montage, lighting, ambience en arena and sound. This abbreviate arrangement proves to be a noteworthy allotment in the accurate world, and embodies the brand of blur noir in aloof two minutes.

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