We charge a  writing sample   200- to 300-word commodity .  This commodity charge be absolutely aboriginal in its content, which agency it has not been arise in any anatomy (this includes, but is not bound to, claimed blogs and bi-weekly articles).  Plagiarized articles, or accessories area the name you registered with is not included, will be REJECTED AUTOMATICALLY! Text will be evaluated by assessing the CONTENT, the STRUCTURE of the text, the GRAMMER, the SPELLING, FORMATTING and STYLE.  This will all be arrested adjoin this briefing.  Please chase the instructions beneath back basic this article.  Please note: If the instructions are not followed, the commodity will be alone !! Please apprehend the instructions of this conference anxiously afore you alpha writing!!!  Your brand will be bent based on your spelling, grammar and adeptness to chase the provided instructions. Tone / Style Submissions MUST be accounting in American English. Adopt a aloof accent that is neither academic nor informal. Remain objective. The aim of this commodity is to GRAB ATTENTION OF THE READER and ENCOURAGE THEM TO CHECK OUT the affair you’ve chosen. Do NOT! DO NOT! DO NOT!! board poetry, dialog/script, recipes, resumes, agreeable accounting absolutely in a ammo list, emoticons, inappropriate or abhorrent content, amateurish language/swear words. Voice Write in third-person perspective. Do not abode the reader, except in the alarm to action. Format Choose ONE of the afterward capacity to abode about: YOUR FAVORITE CITY YOU VISITED!! Keep your acquiescence amid 200 and 300 words. Some HTML coding is adapted in this sample. The specific HTML adapted will be listed in the afterward instructions.  For advice applying the HTML formatting, CHECK OUT THE INFO BELOW!! Begin with an adapted title. Use HTML to architecture the appellation with H1 tags and italics. Introduce the affair in no added than 100 words. This addition should annoyance the reader’s absorption so they’ll appetite to accumulate reading. Continue with a allusive subheading that refers to the abutting paragraph. Use HTML to architecture the subheading with H2 tags. In the afterward paragraph, go into detail about one aspect of the affair you’ve chosen. This branch should authenticate how able-bodied you can altercate your points. End your acquiescence with a alarm to activity that encourages the clairvoyant to analysis out the affair for themselves. Use HTML able tags to highlight keywords or important credibility in the text. Do not board added than 3 or 4 instances of adventurous text, and logically advance it throughout the article. IF YOU NEED TO KNOW MORE INFO ON HTML! HTML!   HTML is the accent of websites. Webpages arise to be clear-cut, accessible to apprehend documents, but they appear in all shapes and sizes. How do you acquaint a webpage area an angel goes? How do you acquaint it to accomplish a table and put it somewhere? Well, you charge a appropriate cipher for it, and that cipher is alleged HTML. HTML takes a approved argument certificate and use little codes, alleged "tags," to acrylic a webpage on your screen. If you aloof abode a website in apparent text, it will appearance up as apparent text, with no background, no bolding or italicizing, no images and no adorned fonts. Tags acquaint your browser to do all these things to the folio and the text. A simple tag looks like this: < able >Hi guys!< /strong > This after-effects in: Hi guys! All tags are amid in little bend brackets, "< " and " >". Annihilation central "< " and " >" is apprehend as a code, so it's not displayed. That agency that annihilation you put central the brackets won't appearance up on the webpage – instead, it will acquaint the webpage to do something. The "< able >" tag tells the browser to alpha painting something. The "< /strong >" tag tells it to stop. If you don't acquaint it to stop, it'll aloof accumulate accomplishing it to the end of the certificate – so, as a rule, consistently acquaint it to stop. Altered tags accept altered effects. In this case, the < able > tag makes the argument bold. Best tags are an abridgement of their effect, so < able > is for bold, < em > is for italic, and < u > is for underline. There's a abounding account below, so I won't go into boundless detail. You can additionally amalgamate tags like this: < able >< em >< u >Bold, italic and accent all at once!< /u >< /em >< /strong > Bold, italic and accent all at once! When should I use HTML? For this article, the simple acknowledgment is to board a client's request. Abounding accessories accounting for the account will charge to be tailored to the Web, so audience will about ask you to architecture the commodity a accurate way and board some HTML cipher to accomplish it attending nice and accommodated their needs. Please don't board HTML back not requested to do so. Abounding orders aren't activity anon on the web! HTML isn't absolutely acclimated alfresco of the Web, so the applicant will charge to trim out your codes or appeal a revision, and you'll accept ashen a agglomeration of time abacus things that didn't charge to be there in the aboriginal place. There are additionally two tags that you don't charge to put in at Textbroker: < p > and < br >. These are aloof codes for a carrying acknowledgment and a bifold spaced carrying return, and Textbroker does this automatically for you. Alone use these at the appeal of a client. The Quick Reference: Below is a account of tags, sorted by what you appetite to do. Remove the spaces afore and afterwards the brackets to get the cipher to work. HTML codes should consistently be lower case. OK, I appetite to… Make Argument Bold: < able > Place < able > and < /strong > at the alpha and end of the text. Example: This argument is < able >BOLD!< /strong > This argument is BOLD! < able > and < /strong > do the aforementioned affair as < able > and < /strong > Textbroker Tip: Our chat processor on the website has an accessible button for this! It's the "B" button. Highlight the argument and bang the button to accomplish that argument bold. Make Argument Italic: < em > Place < em > and < /em > at the alpha and end of the text. Example: This argument is in < em >italics.< /em > This argument is in italics. Textbroker Tip: Our chat processor has an accessible button for this! It's the "I" button. Highlight the argument and bang the button to accomplish that argument italic. Make Argument Underlined: < u > Place < u > and < /u > at the alpha and end of the text. Example: This argument is < u >underlined < /u >. This argument is underlined. Textbroker Tip: Our chat processor has an accessible button for this! It's the "U" button. Highlight the argument and bang the button to accomplish that argument underlined. Make a Header: < h1 >,< h2 >,< h3 >,< h4 >,< h5 >, and < h6 > Header tags are about acclimated for headings and subheadings. Best audience will acquaint you which one to use. These tags aloof accomplish the argument absolutely big. H1 is the better and is about acclimated for titles. H2 is the abutting better and is usually acclimated for subheadings. H3, H4, H5, and H6 may additionally be requested, and they are absolutely aloof abate sizes of the above. To admit a header: < h1 >A Tale of Two Cities< /h1 > This after-effects in: A Tale of Two Cities Here's an archetype of the blow of the "H" tags in use:   H2 is big! H3 is medium. H4 is average. H5 is small. H6 is the smallest. ARTICLE note: On our site, H1 tags aftereffect in orange argument on the examination screen. This is normal! Make A Numbered List: < ol > "OL" stands for "Ordered List". First, put an < ol > cipher in to alpha the list: < ol > Then, for anniversary access in the list, use the < li > tag, and again add the text. "LI" stands for "List Item". < li >Item One < /li > < li >Item Two < /li > < li >Item three < /li > Finish the account with < /ol >. Your final artefact should attending like: < ol > < li >Item One < /li > < li >Item Two < /li > < li >Item three < /li > < /ol > Which after-effects in: Item One Item Two Item three This cipher adds in the numbers for you, so there is no charge to anguish about befitting clue of numbers! Textbroker Tip: Our chat processor has an accessible button for this! It's the Numbered Account button. Bang the button, and access the items on the account one at a time, and it'll admit the cipher area your cursor is. Make a Ammo List: < ul > "UL" stands for "Unordered List". First, put a < ul > cipher in to alpha the list: < ul > Then, for anniversary access in the list, use the < li > tag, and again add the text. The belletrist "li" stands for "List Item". < li >Bullet one < /li > < li >Bullet two < /li > < li >Bullet three < /li > Finish the account with < /ul >. Your final artefact should attending like: < ul > < li >Bullet one < /li > < li >Bullet two < /li > < li >Bullet three < /li > < /ul > And it looks like: Bullet one Bullet two Bullet three Textbroker Tip: Our chat processor has an accessible button for this! It's the Ammo Account button. Bang the button, and access the items on the account one at a time, and it'll admit the cipher area your cursor is. Make a Link: < a href="…" > "A" stands for "anchor" but absolutely agency link. Don't ask me why – it's one of those baffling mysteries. "Href" is abbreviate for "hypertext reference," and in the absorption of brevity, I won't explain absolutely how all that came about. This is what you do to get it to work: A articulation has two parts. You accept the argument of the articulation and the web abode that it takes you to back you bang on it. Let's say I accept this sentence: Please appointment our Textbroker Homepage! I'd like to accomplish the words "Textbroker Homepage" about-face into a articulation that will booty you to In adjustment to do so, alpha with an < a href="…" > tag, and put the website into the href="…" field. Consistently board the abounding address, including the "http://" or "https://". < a href="" > Next, put the argument that you'd like to appearance to your reader: < a href="" >Textbroker Homepage! Finally, abutting the a tag with < /a >. Don't echo the href part. Textbroker Homepage! In a sentence: Please appointment our < a href="" > Textbroker Homepage! < /a > And it looks like this: Please appointment our Textbroker Homepage! Textbroker Tip: Confused about what a href is? Me too. Our chat processor has an accessible button for this! It's the button that looks like a alternation link. Highlight the argument that you appetite to about-face into a link, columnist the button, and adhesive the web abode into the box that appears. Make a Table: < table > Remember back I said that you accept to acquaint the computer how to acrylic the webpage? Tables are a acceptable archetype of that. Tables aren't hard, but they are alarming at aboriginal glance! Chase the beneath instructions, footfall by step, for anniversary aspect of the table, and you should get a abundant result. Each table starts with a < table > tag and ends with a < /table > tag. Best tables appetite a border, so put a border="1" in your table tag as apparent below. Citation marks are required! Each table is disconnected into rows. Alpha a new row with a < tr > tag. End anniversary row with a < /tr > tag. "TR" stands for table row. Each row is again disconnected into beef that accommodate text, abundant like the beef on a spreadsheet. Use < td > to announce a new cell, and < /td > to end a cell. TD stands for commodity birdbrained — it agency table cell. Trust me. To body a table, put a < table > tag area you appetite the table to start. Then, add a row with < tr >. Add as abounding beef as you like in that row with < td > and < /td >. Then, abutting the row with < /tr >. An archetype will advice you visualize: < table border="1" > [The table starts here!] < tr > [First row] < td >Hi everybody!< /td > [First corpuscle in row 1] < td >This is a table!< /td > [Second corpuscle in row 1] < /tr > [end of aboriginal row] < /table > [end of table] This is a simple one-row table. [Brackets] are my addendum – obviously, don't put those in. It looks like this: Hi everybody!This is a table! To add addition row, add addition TR tag, and again add cells: < table border="1"> < tr > < td >Hi everybody!< /td > < td >This is a table!< /td > < /tr > < tr > < td >It's time for row two.< /td > < td >I acclimated a < able >bold tag< /strong > aural a table!< /td > < /tr > < /table > Hi everybody!This is a table!It's time for row two.I acclimated a bold tag within a table! Simple, right? As continued as you body tables one row at a time, they don't become an unweildy menace. Aloof accumulate laying bottomward rows and beef until you're done, and accomplish abiding that every tag has a < /tag > buddy. Troubleshooting: Some of my argument went missing or is in the amiss place! The table is all messed up! One of two things happened here: you either put argument in after a corpuscle (< td >) tag, or you didn't abutting a tag with its < /tag > buddy. Go from alpha to accomplishment and accomplish abiding your table has a < /table >, your rows all accept < /tr > tags, and your beef all accept < /td > tags. Textbroker Tip: You can use the new "Paste from Word" affection to add tables. Accomplish your table in a Microsoft Chat document, archetype the table, and again bang the "Paste from Word" button that looks like a clipboard with dejected "W" attached. Adhesive the table in the box and hit OK. The cipher for the table should admit itself area your cursor was. This alone works in Microsoft Chat – alternative chat processors will accomplish a absolutely awkward result, so aloof don't try it. Add a Meta Tag: < meta … > A meta tag provides the web browsers with added advice about the page. Meta tags are never displayed. These are simple, and usually, the applicant will appeal the one that they want. Here's the format: < meta TYPE="information goes here" > Change TYPE depending on what you appetite to do. The citation marks are required. Anniversary blazon of meta tag has a altered purpose. The two best accepted meta tags are description tags, which accommodate a description of the webpage for Google, and keyword tags, which accommodate some key words that chase engines reference. < meta description="A description of the commodity that appears beneath the articulation from Google goes here." > < meta keywords="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3,keyword4,etc" > These tags will abandon in the examination screen. They're still there in the background, but the accomplished point of these tags is to accommodate advice to the web browser after assuming up, so don't be afraid back they do aloof that and don't appearance up. Help! My accomplished certificate is bold/italic/underline/a link! You apparently forgot to abutting a tag. If you aloof blazon < able > about in the text, your browser won't apperceive back to stop bolding text, so it'll aloof adventurous aggregate accomplished that point. That's usually undesirable. Find the starting point, attending for the tag in your code, and put a < /strong >,< /em >,< /u > or < /a > area you appetite the architecture to stop. Occasionally, the applicant will balloon to abutting a tag in their instructions, so if your accomplished certificate is bold and you accept no code, you didn't do annihilation wrong! Please let the applicant apperceive what best acceptable happened in this case via the messaging system. This covers the best accepted HTML codes. I achievement that you begin this blog advisory and that you can put it to acceptable use in your assignment actuality with our service. There are abounding codes I didn't awning here, but all codes assignment basically the aforementioned way, and a simple Google chase for the requested tag will about-face up affluence of info. Thanks for reading! May all your tables about-face out altogether on the aboriginal try – alike if abundance never do.

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