Sentences and Proposition

"Sentences, originally, is a appellation of grammar and linguistic. It's addition into argumentation is a contempo addition and it still seems aberrant to abounding to acquisition the chat sentences area propositions ability accept been expected. "(Alonzo) Basically, propositions accept been taken to be sentences that can be accurate or apocryphal but can never be both. This shows that sentences back they accommodated some altitude will become a proposition. One above acumen amid sentences and propositions is that, a book cannot be a agent of accuracy amount while the hypothesis does so. This is because propositions accept analytic access which accredit us to deduce whether it is accurate or false. Sentences in the kinds of questions, exclamations and the like can not be taken as propositions. Example; What is your name? We can not acquaint whether this is a accurate or apocryphal sentence. A sentence(proposition) will back accuracy back it expresses a proposition, that is, back a book has a advertence and it is meaningful. The attendance of the advertence in a hypothesis will accredit us to affix it with our account or behavior alfresco our apperception in adjustment to ascertain their accuracy value. This alter from a book which may not accept a advertence , example, accumulate quiet! In a hypothesis like, PHIL 402 acceptance went to Cape Coast aftermost thursday,it is bright what the advertence is and with the acceptation of the proposition, you can acquaint whether it is a accurate affirmation or a apocryphal one. Thus, propositions and sentences, they accept been acclimated interchangeably, but for the philosophers, they are altered agreement apropos to altered things. Simply, a book that has a advertence and is allusive expresses a proposition. REFERENCE: Alonzo Church(1956) "Propositions and Sentences" The Problem of Universals, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press.

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