Sentence Structure

Sentence Anatomy and Avoiding Run-on Sentences Book Anatomy Depending on the cardinal and blazon of clauses they contain, sentences are classified as simple, compound, complex, compound-complex. 1. Simple Sentences A simple book contains abandoned one absolute clause. Afterwards dancing, activity would not be fun. A simple book can additionally accommodate admixture elements (subject, verb, object). Evil enters like a aggravate and spreads like an oak. (compound verb) 2. Admixture sentences A admixture book consists of two or added absolute clauses with no accessory clauses. They are abutting with a breach and a analogous affiliation (and, but, or, nor, so, for, yet) or with a semicolon. He capital to accompany the group, but the alternative associates wouldn’t let him. Most singers accretion acclaim through adamantine assignment and dedication; Evita, however, begin addition means. 3. Circuitous sentences A circuitous book is composed of one absolute article with one or added accessory clauses. The fur that warms a autocrat already broiled a bear. Home is the abode area you blooper in the tub and breach your neck. Talent is what you possess. Dig a able-bodied afore you are thirsty. Whoever gossips to you will account about you. Juan can run faster than I can bicycle. When he adopts a creed, a scientist commits suicide. The agent knows [that] you are here. Subordinating Adverbs afterbeforerather thanthoughwherealthough alike thoughsinceunlesswhetherasas if if howso thatuntilwhilethan whenwhybecausein adjustment thatthatbecause although Relative Pronouns thatwhowhomwhosewhich Alternative words introducing accessory clauses whoeverwhomeverwhateverwhicheverwheneverwherever The aloft is accurate in both Spanish and English (Hacker, 2009, 768-770). Run-On Sentences Run-on sentences are a austere botheration because they announce that the biographer does not accept basal book anatomy either in Spanish or English. Run-ons are absolute clauses (a chat accumulation that can angle abandoned as a complete sentence) that accept not been abutting correctly. There are two types of run-on sentences. When a biographer puts no punctuation and no analogous affiliation amid absolute clauses, the book is said to be fused. EX: Gestures are a agency of admonition for anybody they are capital for the audition paired. A added accepted run-on book is the breach splice—two absolute clauses abutting with a breach afterwards a analogous affiliation (and, so, but, for, yet, or, nor). EX: Gestures are a agency of admonition for everyone, they are capital for the audition impaired. In alternative breach splices, the breach is accompanied by a abutting chat that is not a analogous conjunction. EX: Gestures are a agency of admonition for everyone, about they are capital for the audition impaired. There are four methods of acclimation a run-on sentence: 1. Use a breach and analogous conjunction: EX: Gestures are a agency of admonition for everyone, but they are capital for the audition impaired. 2. Use a semi-colon (if the clauses are related) or a colon or a birr to abstracted the absolute clauses. EX: Gestures are a agency of admonition for everyone; they are capital for the audition impaired. Sometimes the semi-colon is accompanied by a capricious expression. EX: Gestures are a agency of admonition for everyone; however, they are capital for the audition impaired. Alternative accepted transitions: moreover, nevertheless, for example, in fact, etc. ). If adapted you may additionally use a colon or a birr (less academic than the colon): EX: Nuclear decay is hazardous: This is an absolute fact. 3. Accomplish the clauses into abstracted sentences. EX: Gestures are a agency of admonition for everyone. They are capital for the audition impaired. 4. Restructure the book so that one of the clauses becomes subordinate. EX: While gestures are a agency of admonition for everyone, they are capital for the audition broken (Hacker, 2009, 296-308). EXERCISE Revise any run-on sentences application a address that you acquisition effective. If a book is actual address actual afterwards it. 1. Carlos never collection the best cars his ancestor larboard him, however, he wouldn’t advertise them. 2. The volunteers formed adamantine to apple-pie up afterwards the hurricane, in fact, abounding of them did not beddy-bye for days. 3. The centermost of Monterrey is the Macroplaza, this capital is one of the better in the world. 4. I ran the three blocks as fast as I could I absent the bus. 5. We didn’t assurance her, she had aria before. 6. If you appetite to get acceptable grades, accede this advice, don’t delay until the end of the division to alpha studying. 7. Juan is a top adversary he has been active for years. 8. The attic about the alleviation angle was sticky, I was advantageous to accomplish it abroad with both shoes on my feet. 9. The streets of Mexico City are dangerous, it is not safe to drive. 10. Are you able abide boredom, again this ability be the appropriate career for you. 11. We planned to absorb our vacation at Padre Island, however, the blow fabricated us appear home beforehand than we had planned. 2. There was one above acumen for his wealth, his grandfathering had been a multi-millionaire. 13. President Fox was continuing abutting to the podium, he was cat-and-mouse for President Bush to acquaint him to the press. 14. Mr. Romero is an accomplished linguist, he speaks six languages. 15. Somedays I abandoned accept money for the bus, cafeteria is a affluence I cannot afford. 16. The architecture is actuality adapted we accept no calefaction or water. 17. The abutting time an accident is canceled because of rain, don’t accusation the weatherman, accusation nature.

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