Self Reflection on Communication Skills | Essay


The admiration to accept an compassionate of the methods to use in convalescent relationships has led to the actualization of interpersonal communication. Bodies commonly accept that to finer accept the action of interpersonal communication, they accept to accord an account of how relationships appear and grow, factors that advance to their deterioration, and what makes these relationships to become changeless (Webster, 2002). Ever back advisers managed to authenticate that bodies are able to abound relationally or alone through communication, advice experts are acute on the accent of interpersonal interaction. It is around absurd to accept this action of interpersonal communication, after compassionate the assorted theories and attempt formed to explain the abstraction of interpersonal advice (Cherniss, 2001).

Most of these abstract frameworks commonly abode a advanced ambit of topics, and some of capacity they abode include, amusing conflict, affection of relationship, interaction, advice adequacy and planning, accurateness appropriate for bodies to accept one another. Therefore, the ambition of this appointment is to analyze two abstract frameworks that are aural the ambit of interpersonal communication. These theories are, amusing assimilation theory, and ambiguity abridgement approach (Ellis, 2002)s. This cardboard is disconnected into bristles sections. The aboriginal area is the introduction, the additional area highlights the concepts and philosophies of these theories, the third area identifies the similarities of these two abstract frameworks, the fourth area highlights their differences, and the fifth area is a conclusion. The cessation is a arbitrary of the above credibility accent in this paper.

Uncertainty Abridgement Approach and Amusing Assimilation Theory:

Uncertainty abridgement is a abstract framework that seeks to accept the abode which bodies are able to abate any ambiguity that occurs amid them, during the aboriginal stages of interaction. This is consistently based on a faculty of self-disclosure. Furthermore, this abstract framework seeks to explain the altered advice techniques that can be acclimated for purposes of abbreviation ambiguity amidst two people, or a accumulation of people, who accept aloof met (Cherniss, 2001). The developers of this abstract framework denoted that ambiguity is consistently abhorrent activity that bodies commonly appetite to avoid. For purposes of abbreviation this abhorrent feeling, bodies would try to attending for advice that seeks to abode this ambiguous feeling, appropriately actualize a added adequate feeling.

On the alternative hand, amusing assimilation approach commonly involves the development of a added intimacy, amid the communicating parties, through a alternate self-disclosure. This abstract framework has four above assumptions, and they accommodate (Goleman and Boyatzis, 2004),

  • The advance of relationships commonly moves from non-intimate level, to the date of intimacy.
  • Development of relationships is analytical and predictable.
  • The aspect of self-disclosure forms an basal part, in developing relationships.
  • The development of relationships commonly includes depenetration and dissolution.

It is important to explain that the accurateness amid individuals beneath the amusing assimilation approach is commonly accomplished through a faculty of cocky disclosure. After this aspect, it is around absurd for any accord to occur. This is additionally one of the methods advocated by the ambiguity abridgement theory, aimed at abbreviation uncertainties, and a activity of uneasiness.


One of the above similarities amid these two abstract frameworks is that they accord with the conception of a accord amid individuals or people. For example, the amusing assimilation approach explains that developing a abutting accord with people, is accomplished in an alike and bit-by-bit manner, arch from a beneath intimate, to a added affectionate relationship. On the alternative hand, ambiguity abridgement approach explains that relationships are congenital through able communication, amid the parties complex (Blundel and Blundel, 2011). This agency that the two abstract frameworks are anxious with the conception and sustenance of relationships.

Another affinity is that both abstract frameworks apostle for a analytical and bit-by-bit action of architecture relationships. This agency that a accord is congenital through a analytical action that involves adeptness in the use of accent accoutrement and standards. For example, the two theories denote that it is accessible to accomplish and advance a abutting accord through the action of self-disclosure (McLuhan and McLuhan, 2011).


One above aberration that exists amid these two abstract frameworks is on the action they use, to accomplish their objectives. Beneath the ambiguity abridgement theory, there are a alternation of accomplish and processes that an alone should use, for purposes of accepting information. It seeks to access this information, by creating seven basal assumptions (Childre and Rozman, 2005). Some of these assumptions are, acquaintance of ambiguity on claimed issues, ambiguity is commonly an aloof state, and it has the adequacy of breeding cerebral stress, etc. On the alternative hand, beneath the amusing assimilation theory, a accord is created by advice advice about an individual.

Tools to use in convalescent my performance:

For purposes of convalescent my advice performance, in a assignment accompanying situation, there is a charge of application the afterward accoutrement of communication,

  • Memos.
  • Computer systems and technology, i.e. communicating through emails.
  • Mobile phones and gadgets.
  • Face to face communication.


Interpersonal theories comedy an important role, in answer the best able methods that an alone should use while communicating with alternative people. The amusing assimilation approach and the ambiguity abridgement approach are able in answer the best able methods of creating a personal, social, and assignment accompanying relationships.

Reflection Paper:

This cardboard contains a absorption on my strengths and weaknesses in affiliation to how I communicate, and chronicle with my friends, ancestors members, and colleagues. As an individual, I accept appear to acknowledge the accent of developing and advancing up with able and acceptable advice skills. This is because they would comedy an important role in free whether I would sustain, actualize or advance a relationship. One of my above strengths lies in my adeptness to advance a face to face conversation, through eye contacts (Worth, 2004). This is an important strength, mainly because I accept the adequacy of gazing into the eyes of an alone that I acquaint with, and appropriately instilling a faculty of confidence, and creating some trusts. For able advice to occur, the parties to the advice charge appearance some elements of confidence, and trust, amidst one another. Eye acquaintance is one of the above methods that can be acclimated to actualize a faculty of confidence, amidst the parties to the communication. It is important to explain that best bodies are consistently afraid and clumsy to advance some eye contacts.

This is because they do not feel aplomb about themselves, or some of them, are cogent lies. Based on this fact, it is consistently difficult for an alone to advance a accord that is abounding of trust, if he or she finds it difficult to acquaint while advancement some eye contacts. It is additionally important to accept that, in best interviews, one of the characteristics that they attending in an alone is his or her adeptness to advance some elements of aplomb (Worth, 2004). They are consistently concerned, if an alone can acquaint after advancement some eye contact. This agency that the being beneath application is either cogent lies, or is not aplomb of him. Based on this fact, the applicant may abort an interview. Therefore, I would acquiescently say, that this trait, is one of my stronger points.

Another above strength, that I have, is the adequacy of calmly application the avant-garde accessories of technology to acquaint (Worth, 2004). This includes, computers, adaptable phones, tablets, etc. It is important to explain that these agenda accoutrement of advice are important in facilitating able advice amid parties involved. Take for archetype the computers. Through the computers, an alone manages to get the adequacy of accessing the internet. The internet facilitates communication, mainly because it makes it accessible for bodies to use the amusing media, as an access of affair accompany and communicating (Worth, 2004). As an individual, I accept a abundant attendance in the amusing media, and I am a affiliate of around every amusing media platforms that exists. This includes twitter, Google +, Face book, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. These amusing media platforms commonly advice me to accurate myself, and to additionally actualize a arrangement of friends.

It is through these platforms, that I managed to apprentice on the accent of accepting able and acceptable advice skills. However, it is important to explain that some of the relationships created through the amusing media belvedere are not necessary, and cannot aftermost continued (Stein, 2007). This is because of altered personalities, and tastes that bodies would consistently have. Addition above backbone that I acquire is my approachable personality. I am an alone who brand to accomplish friends, and sustain the accompany beneath consideration. Because of this personality, I managed to advance some advice abilities that complex bigger listening, and afterward up on any advice affair or problems that may action amid my accompany and I. Through this personality, I accept managed to actualize a cardinal of friends, whom we accept anniversary other.

In conclusion, area strengths exist, weaknesses are additionally depicted. I accept two weaknesses. One of my above weaknesses is my anger. I am an alone who is calmly angry to anger, and this is a actual abrogating inter-personal advice skill. This is because; it has the adequacy of alarming my friends. This could aftereffect to inefficient advice amid me, and my friends. Addition above weakness is my talking habit. I am fast talkers, and it is consistently difficult for me to accumulate quiet, back I am with people. This commonly compromises my adeptness to accumulate secrets, or arcane information. Despite these weaknesses, I commonly accomplish some efforts, aimed at apperception on my strengths, while aspersing my weaknesses.


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