Self Presentation

Self presentation Back you accommodated accession for the aboriginal time, it comes to your apperception a assertive consequence about him or her. On the alternative side, that being additionally takes a assertive consequence about you. This consequence ability be absolute or negative. It depends on how you present yourself to others. Unfortunately, the aboriginal consequence is sometimes arbitrary because the being you accommodated for the aboriginal time may booty a amiss consequence about you. For example, my acquaintance told me that afore we became abutting friends, she was cerebration that I am arrogant, but back she became abutting to me, she apparent that she took a amiss consequence about me. In fact, I am not accessible and I don't booty the action in accepting to apperceive others. That is why those who do not apperceive me able-bodied anticipate i am arrogant, but that is not accurate about me. The aboriginal consequence whether it is accurate or not may affect the way you amusement bodies and how they amusement you forever. For example, I abatement in adulation with someone. Back we aboriginal accommodated anniversary other, he told me that he belongs to the aristocratic family. Later, I apparent that he was lying to me. I apperceive that he is from the high chic and he belongs to a arresting family, so there was no charge to lie about his ancestors name. Actually, because of this lie, I took an consequence about him that he is not trustworthy, so we bankrupt up. In best cases, the aboriginal consequence lasts forever, so you should present yourself in a acceptable image. To accomplish others booty a acceptable consequence about you, you charge accede the following; First, be yourself. Don't acquaint annihilation that is not accurate about you. Show your absolute personality. Second, booty affliction of your appearance. Your dress should be apple-pie and adapted to the community of association in which you live. Moreover, be accurate in your appointments. If you appear the affair on time, you will get others’ account because it shows that you affliction about them. In addition, smile to your audience, accumulate eye acquaintance back you allege and accept and Allege acutely to let your admirers accept what you say. Furthermore, accept your words which accurate what you appetite to say correctly. In short, we all should present ourselves in the appropriate way to let others booty a acceptable consequence about us in adjustment to accomplish relationships aftermost longer. Samira Said Al Hajri. Assignment 1. Social psychology_D1.

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