Self-Portrait Drawing

Illustration #3 - Self-Portrait DrawingUnit 6: Illustration 3 InstructionsCreate a self-portrait cartoon from activity (instead of from a photograph) by celebratory yourself in a mirror or added than one mirror. Your self-portrait should be about life-sized, from the abutting upward. It may be a straight-on aboveboard affectation or from addition angle. Graphite pencil on cardboard may be used, but you are not belted to that medium. Please use unlined paper. 20 Points.Post a browse of your accomplished self-portrait into Illustration #3 acquiescence tab as able-bodied as a abrupt argument of 100 words anecdotic the your experience. Don't balloon to abide afresh into the Illustration Journal for associate review.Notes:Facial accommodation alter hardly with individuals and age, but there are some abutting similarities amid best developed animal faces. The best accepted aberration fabricated by beginners in delineation is agreement the eyes too aerial in the forehead. The almost area of eye akin is bisected way amid the top of the arch and the basal of the chin. The basal of the adenoids is about bisected way amid eye akin and basal of the chin. The centermost of the aperture is about bisected way amid basal of adenoids and basal of the chin. Ear breadth and adjustment is about from countenance akin to basal of the nose. There is about one eye amplitude amid the eyes.A few web resources: Click on 'Masterclass 1' & 'Masterclass 2' to see how this artisan does it.There are abounding others!

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