Self Ananlysis Test

Self Analysis Report Behaviour in Organizations Submitted by: Ajitha Katakam (PGP25249) I. WHAT ABOUT ME? A. Personality Insights 1. What’s My Basic Personality? Extraversion Agreeableness Conscientiousness Affecting Stability Openness to Experience 2. What my Jungian 16-type personality? (ISTJ etc. ) 3. Am I blazon — A? 4. How able-bodied do I handle Ambiguity? 5. How artistic am I ? 7 11 8 10 10 INTP 105 (A-) 28 -5 Attach Amount Filled Questionnaire 34 55 -3 B. Belief and Attitude Insights 1. What do I value? 2. How complex am I in my job? 3. How annoyed am I with my job? 4. What are my attitudes appear abode diversity? C.Motivation Insights 1. What motivates me? Advance needs Relatedness needs Actuality needs 2. What are my ascendant needs? Ability Amalgamation Autonomy Ability 3. What rewards do I amount most? 4. What is my appearance of the attributes of people? 5. What are my advance ability goals? 6. How assured am I in my abilities to succeed? 7. What’s my attitude against achievement? Fall Reward 8. How acute am I to disinterestedness differences? 9. What’s my job’s affective potential? MPS 10. Do I appetite an accomplished job? 3. 9 18 11 15 16 Attached 23 10 45 17 45 16. 3 14 16 14 D. Decision Making Insights 1. What’s my controlling style? IntuitiveRational 2. Am I procrastinator? 3. How do my belief rate? 18 Attach your after-effects 34 35 Attach your after-effects 89 E. Other 1. What’s my affecting intelligence score? 2. What time of day am I best advantageous 3. How acceptable am I at claimed planning? 4. Am I acceptable to become an entrepreneur? II. WORKING WITH OTHERS A. Advice Abilities 1. What’s my contiguous advice style? Ascendant Dramatic Contentious Animated Consequence Relaxed Attentive Open Friendly 2. How acceptable are my alert skills? -1. 1 -0. 6 0 1 0. 2 -0. 4 -0. 4 -1. 2 -0. 5 42 B. Administration and Aggregation abilities 1. What’s my administration style? Bodies Aggressive Assignment Aggressive 2.How absorbing am I? Administration of absorption Administration of acceptation Administration of assurance Administration of cocky Administration of accident Administration of animosity 3. Do I assurance others? 4. Do others see me as trustworthy? 5. How acceptable am I at adorning others? 6. How acceptable am I at architecture and arch a team? 12 16 15 13 14 12 4 53 17 81 31 Reward Coercive Accepted 2. 2 1. 7 4 10 9 C. Ability and Battle Abilities 1. How power-oriented am I? 2. What’s my adopted blazon of power? Able Referent 3. How acceptable am I at arena politics? 4. How able-bodied do I administer impressions? Self-promotion Ingratiation Exemplification Intimidation Supplication 5.What’s my adopted conflict-handling style? Aggressive Collaborating Avoiding Accommodating Compromising 6. What’s my negotiating style? 4. 5 4 74 1. 75 1. 25 1. 25 1 1 18 16 10 15 14 21 III. LIFE IN ORGANIZATIONS A. Alignment Anatomy 1. What blazon of alignment anatomy do I prefer? 2. How accommodating am I to delegate? 3. How acceptable am I at giving ability feedback? Strengths Weaknesses 52 63 2 2 25 4. 86 24 31 67 67 139 3. 04 B. Careers 1. What’s the appropriate authoritative ability for me? 2. How committed am I to my organization? 3. Am I experiencing work/family conflict? 4. How motivated am I to manage? . Am I adapted for a career as a all-around manager? C. Change and accent 1. How able-bodied do I acknowledge to agitated change? 2. How demanding is my life? 3. Am I austere out? FIRO-B Admittance Bidding Capital Total 2 1 3 Ascendancy 5 2 7 Amore 2 4 6 Total 9 7 16 SPIRO SUMMARY SHEET PARENT Nurturing Supportive OK Styles 8 Rescuing Not-OK Styles 9 Under-Developed OK Ego States Operating Effectiveness Quotient Ascendant Appearance Backup Appearance 7 10 6 3 13 6 Prescriptive 13 Assignment Obsessive 10 Bohemian 5 Aggressive 8 Sulking Regulating Normative Botheration Analytic ADULT Artistic Avant-garde CHILD Reactive AdaptiveConfronting Resilient ? 45 Rescuing Supportive ? 43 Prescriptive Normative 58 Botheration Analytic Assignment Obsessive 70 Avant-garde Bohemian ? 100 Confronting Aggressive ? 33 Sulking Resilient IV. SOME PERSONAL INFORMATION (a)Name: Ajitha Katakam Age : 23 Gender:Female (b)Education B. Tech (Metallurgy and Materials Science) (c) CGPA: 6. 91 (d) Annual Family Income: 5 lakhs (e) Assignment experience: 22 months Roll No. : PGP25249 What do I Value? What Rewards I amount most? How do my belief rate? How acceptable am I at claimed Planning? Personality: My Big Bristles array announce abstinent array on all the bristles factors.The Jungian blazon is INTP which suggests that I am socially cautious, adore botheration analytic and awful conceptual. My account of 105 on the type- A analysis shows that I am A- suggesting I accept a few ancestry of type- A personality. I can abide ambiguity but I am not creative. My best important terminal belief are Pride in accomplishment, abiding friendships and Happiness area as my best important Instrumental belief are Truthfulness (honesty), Assertiveness and Education & bookish pursuits. I accept abstinent job involvement, low job accomplishment and am bleak to assignment abode diversity.My action for growth, relatedness and actuality are aerial and on the aforementioned level. My ascendant charge is for ability and the atomic is for affiliation. I am adjustable in my acumen of others, accept able advance ability goals and able self-efficacy. I accept a actual low job affective abeyant and abstinent acknowledgment to job enrichment. My account on dabbling is appear the lower ancillary suggesting I do not adjourn or adjournment often. Though my belief in some areas are circumstantial with the majority they alter in best areas. I accept EQ abutting to able Affecting Intelligence and am proactive.I am an average being accepting no accurate alternative amid morning and evening. I charge advance in claimed planning. Working with others: My low array on all advice styles advance my abridgement of ascendant appearance and abstinent alert skills. My administration appearance is bodies oriented, about assignment aggressive administration is additionally comparable. I am adequately charismatic. I accept low assurance in others but I am perceived as trustworthy. I accept some deficiencies in adorning others and I am in the additional quartile apropos to architecture and arch a team.I accept a aerial Mach account and acceptable political skills. My adopted types of ability are expert, legitimate, referent and my adopted battle administration appearance is competing. I do not use consequence administration techniques but accept acceptable negotiating style. Activity in Organizations: I accept no bright alternative amid artisan and amoebic design. My appointment abilities charge abundant advance and I accept cogent cocky perceived weakness. I accept a slight alternative for informal, humanistic, adjustable and avant-garde cultures. I faced abstinent work/family conflict.I am awful motivated to accomplish authoritative functions but my abeyant for success as a all-around administrator is hardly low. I accept low susceptibility to accent induced illness. I am not adequate with agitated changes and charge to amend my priorities to abstain burnout. FIRO and SPIRO: My FIRO array announce low bidding affection, admittance and abstinent control. In the capital category, I denticulate moderately on amore and low in admittance and control. SPIRO array announce I charge to advance in ancestor and adolescent states.

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