Security Risk Mitigation Plan

  Assignment Content A Accident Management Analyst identifies and analyzes abeyant issues that could abnormally appulse a business in adjustment to advice the business abstain or abate those risks. Take on the role of Accident Management Analyst for the alignment you chose in Week 1. Using the Security Accident Mitigation Plan Template, create a 4- to 5.5-page Aegis Accident Mitigation Plan for the alignment you chose. Research and include the following:  Security Accident Mitigation Plan: Select and certificate aegis behavior and controls. Create countersign policies. Document ambassador roles and responsibilities. Document user roles and responsibilities. Determine an affidavit strategy. Determine an advance apprehension and ecology strategy. Determine virus apprehension strategies and protection. Create auditing behavior and procedures. Develop apprenticeship plan for advisers on aegis protocols and adapted use. Provide accident response. Avoidance Transference Mitigation Acceptance Address change Management/Version Control. Outline adequate use of authoritative assets and data. Present agent behavior (separation of duties/training). Explain adventure response. Incident types/category definitions Roles and responsibilities Reporting requirements/escalation Cyber-incident acknowledgment teams Discuss the adventure acknowledgment process. Preparation Identification Containment Eradication Recovery Lessons learned 

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