Security Awareness and Training Security

Assignment Content Review the "Security Awareness" area in Ch. 5, "Implementing Aegis Education, Training, and Acquaintance (SETA) Programs," of Management of Advice Security. You accept been asked by your IT Manager to architecture 2 aegis posters on Aegis Acquaintance and Training Aegis for Advice Aegis to be displayed for aggregation employees. One affiche needs to focus on animal behavior awareness, and the alternative affiche needs to focus on abstruse accident awareness. For the affiche that focuses on technology accident awareness, be abiding that you assay the basal threats for advice security. You can use Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, or a clear affairs of your best for the conception of your posters. Your affiche ambit needs to be 18" X 24" in size. Be abiding to accommodate the afterward on your posters (all 5 do not accept to be on anniversary poster, but should be covered amid both posters): Warnings of crooked connections/behaviors in the network Importance of arrangement mapping Awareness of alien and centralized threats Where to address abeyant violations, because both agent self-reporting and advertisement of others Types of cybersecurity frameworks accessible (government vs. clandestine sector)

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