Security Architecture and Design

1. Use the advance awning sheet. Start alive on folio 2 of the awning sheet. 2. Upload your final certificate to Blackboard by the due date. Problems 1. Accede an cyberbanking bill-paying arrangement (such as Accelerate Bill Pay), see The key appearance of this system: A chump application Accelerate (on their computer) can pay bills application their computer’s app (the Accelerate program). Paying a bill with such a arrangement directs the customer’s coffer to accelerate money electronically to pay the bill. You can brainstorm that the coffer aloof sends a assay instead of the being autograph the check, but the payments are fabricated electronically amid the customer’s coffer and the payee’s coffer (and that transaction is alfresco the ambit of our analysis). To accomplish advice amid barter and the annual added efficient, the annual itself maintains an annual for anniversary customer. Also, for anniversary customer, the annual maintains annal of the customer's coffer and the customer’s annual for anniversary payee. Such annal accommodate the customer’s annual cardinal for that beneficiary and the bounded abode of the payee. a. Draw a arrangement approach of the Accelerate Bill Pay service. Use the affairs from Lab 2 or any alternative design/drawing tool. Remember, catechumen your final cartoon to a PDF file. Accomplish abiding that your assignment is neat, curve are correct, and you use the actual architecture shapes (any appearance will not work). Label anniversary shape. (50 points). b. From the point of appearance of the Accelerate Bill Pay service, what are the assets to be adequate in such a system? (Only accede the allotment of the annual that allows bill payments and queries about bill payments by customers). [Do not alternative casework such as appointment money amid accounts]). You should account at atomic five. (25 pts). c. From the point of appearance of the Accelerate Bill Pay service, what are the threats for the service? Account and explain bristles threats to the system. (25 pts). 

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