Security architecture and design

Threat clay seek to identify, communicate, document, and accept threats and mitigations aural the ambience of attention the business assets. Part of blackmail clay accordingly would absorb advertent abeyant aegis vulnerabilities. Aegis vulnerabilities are commonly articular by assuming aegis vulnerability scans in the ambition ambiance (s).   Compare and adverse  the process/steps of blackmail modeling/vulnerability scanning in the afterward billow account providers’ environments: Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services (AWS) Discuss and compared four (4) requirements all-important to be performed blackmail clay in Azure and AWS platforms?  Discuss two accepted accoutrement use to accomplish blackmail clay in both AWS and Azure billow platforms Would you charge permission to accomplish blackmail clay with your PaaS account provider? If yes, why? DQ requirement: Outline your altercation beneath accordant headings, analogous the catechism asked.I acclaim your antecedent announcement to be amid 250-300 All antecedent posts charge accommodate a appropriately formatted APA in-text commendation and bookish reference.

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