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Chapter 8 and 9 provided an overview of Defensive Tactics and Technologies and Trade-Offs back acclamation threats. Data analytical has become a cogent botheration in the US and abounding alternative countries abroad. You can apprehend an commodity actuality that discusses this in added detail: After account affiliate 8 and 9, you're accessible to participate in the abutting discussion. In your textbook, it discusses issues about candor and specific Tactics for Candor (p. 149). The columnist identifies three capital means to abode analytical threats: Permissions/ACLs, Use of Cryptographic mechanisms, and the use of logging technology and analysis activities as a deterrent. Please acknowledgment the afterward questions in branch anatomy only: How does accepting able permissions and actual admission ascendancy lists in abode advice with abbreviation analytical threats for integrity?  How does the use of cryptographic mechanisms advice with abbreviation analytical threats for integrity? How does the use of logging technology and analysis activities accommodate a bridle back acclamation issues accompanying to analytical threats for integrity? I apperceive that abundant of this advice is in your textbook, but I am attractive for advice from OTHER RESOURCES as able-bodied to absolutely acknowledgment the questions above. You charge do the following: 1) Create a new thread. As adumbrated above, please acknowledgment the afterward questions above. You charge use a minimum of three different references for your antecedent posts that are finer from bookish sources alternative than your textbook. Also, amuse adduce all references and use able APA formatting.  2) Select AT LEAST 2 alternative students' accoutrement and column absolute comments on those threads. Your comments should extend the chat started with the cilia of your classmates. Feel chargeless to accede or disagree (provides acumen why it may still be effective), but amuse accumulate it able and accommodate abutment for your attitude as against to aloof exact statements.  ALL aboriginal posts and responses to alternative acceptance charge be substantive. (I'm attractive for added than aloof "I agree.") Initial posts are due by Thursday, July 25th (20% amends if submitted late) Responses to alternative acceptance are due by Sunday, July 28th (no backward submissions will be accustomed or graded for responses to alternative acceptance canyon the due date) Please ask questions if you charge abetment on this and amuse do delay until the aftermost minute for clarification.

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