Security and Risk Management

You accept been asked by the CIO to actualize a Microsoft® PowerPoint® training presentation forth with an accompanying arbitrary adviser advertisement for new advisers in the IT, Accounting/Finance, and Engineering departments. The objectives of this appointment are: Discuss the organization's aegis objectives and what is accepted of the attendees, such as Confidentiality, integrity, availability Treating advice as an asset Ethical conduct Create a 3- to 5-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® training presentation which includes: Content for anniversary of the objectives Detailed accelerate addendum including assay of anniversary abstraction or appellation listed in anniversary slide.  Each accelerate charge accommodate abundant accelerate addendum accurate by one or added acknowledging references.  The references charge be cited in the accelerate notes. References acclimated to abutment your presentation, including a minimum of two alfresco bookish references in accession to advance textbooks and videos.  Your references charge be apparent in a references accelerate at the end of your presentation. Neither the appellation accelerate nor the references accelerate are included in the appropriate accelerate count.

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