Security 8

Task 1:   Some organizations prohibit workers from bringing assertive kinds of accessories into the workplace, such as cameras, corpuscle phones, and USB drives. Some businesses crave advisers to use bright or apparent backpacks back accustomed claimed items. What alternative accessories ability not be accustomed in assertive facilities, and why would they be restricted? The video on Google’s Data Center may accord you some account to address about for this assignment. Your accounting appointment should abide of 2-3 paragraphs. Attach a chat document. Task 2:   Do the afterward analysis questions: 8.1 What is the aberration amid RFC 5321 and RFC 5322? 8.2 What are the SMTP and MIME standards? 8.3 What is the aberration amid a MIME agreeable blazon and a MIME alteration encoding? 8.4 Briefly explain base64 encoding. 8.5 Why is base64 about-face advantageous for an e-mail application? 8.6 What is S/MIME? 8.7 What are the four arch casework provided by S/MIME? 8.8 What is the account of a alone signature? 8.9 What is DKIM? Submit a Microsoft Chat certificate beneath the Homework 8 Submission link.

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