Security 12

Task 1: Using the Internet, locate TWO companies that accommodate VPN services. Compare the TWO altered casework offered. Include their services, pricing, and accomplish a accommodation which VPN account would be best for your own claimed use should you adjudge to accomplish the acquirement in the future.  Write in 3 paragraphs. Complete this appointment application WORD or addition argument editor that is accordant with MS WORD. Also accommodate web links to all sites you use to conduct your research.   Task 2:   Do the afterward analysis questions: 12.1 List three architecture goals for a firewall. 12.2 List four techniques acclimated by firewalls to ascendancy admission and accomplish a aegis policy. 12.3 What advice is acclimated by a archetypal packet clarification firewall? 12.4 What are some weaknesses of a packet clarification firewall? 12.5 What is the aberration amid a packet clarification firewall and a stateful analysis firewall? 12.6 What is an application-level gateway? 12.7 What is a circuit-level gateway? 12.9 What are the accepted characteristics of a breastwork host? 12.10 Why is it advantageous to accept host-based firewalls? 12.11 What is a DMZ arrangement and what types of systems would you apprehend to acquisition on such networks? 12.12 What is the aberration amid an centralized and an alien firewall? Submit a Microsoft Word document

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