Secure Staging Environment Design and Coding Technique Standards Technical Guide

A Software Engineer designs, develop, tests, and evaluates the software and the systems that acquiesce computers to assassinate their applications. Take on the role of Software Engineer for the alignment you called in Week 1. Use the abstruse adviser arrangement to actualize a 3- to 4-page Defended Staging Ambiance Design and Coding Technique Standards Abstruse Adviser for the alignment you chose.  Research and accommodate the following: Design a defended staging ambiance for your organization Diagram your staging environment Include descriptions for anniversary article in your environment Create a defended coding technique/quality and testing accepted for your alignment accoutrement the afterward defended coding techniques: Proper absurdity handling Proper ascribe validation Normalization Stored procedures Code signing Encryption Obfuscation/camouflage Code reuse/dead code Server-side vs. client-side beheading and validation Memory management Use of third-party libraries and ADKs Data exposure Code affection and testing Automation Static cipher analyzers Dynamic assay (e.g. fuzzing) Stress testing Sandboxing Model verification Template is provided and a antecedent appointment is absorbed as well. The antecedent appointment has the alignment that I accept been accomplishing the activity on.

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